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American Airlines passenger hits gate agent in Phoenix after being denied boarding for not wearing a mask

A woman struck an American Airlines gate agent after she was denied boarding at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport on Wednesday for refusing to wear a mask, reports the Arizona Republic, which is a part of the USA TODAY Network. The woman was a passenger on American Airlines flight 2027 from Los Angeles, which according to Flight Aware arrived in Phoenix just before 8 a.m. She was scheduled to connect to Las Vegas. After she refused to wear a mask on the first flight, crew members flagged… ( More...

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You are now free to drive about the country.
sharon bias 25
She doesn't appear to be a resident of Phoenix, so she'll have to hire an attorney to represent her, or come back for court dates. And since she can't fly any longer, it will be some very long drives. Time to think about her actions.
Roger Anderson 22
Add her to the permanent no fly list and hit her some jail time.
Dennis Dulac 15
Karen strikes again, hope she enjoys the drive.
Yehuda Mond 2
No, Dennis...I think we need to coin the term "Yolanda", it's far more accurate, don't you think?
Dennis Dulac 2
Sounds good to me just as long as she enjoys her drive.
737man 0
Thats not exactly what a Karen is.
Jimmy Robinson 17
The mask policy is bringing out the arrogance and lack of character in many people. They feel they can do as they please and don't have to obey the rules if they don't like them or disagree with them. And many unfortunately, resort to violence which sometimes the situation. And what does hitting someone accomplish? Will it make someone else change their mind and let you ignore the rule? Uh, no, but it might just get you free unpleasant room and board for a long time or cost you some of that unemployment money or hard earned paycheck.

Though I agree it would be a bad policy, it's too the bad the person being assaulted can't just strike back at the person that hit them with a good hook or something like that. That might just help the situation, if it didn't make it worse.

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jglazko 9
Seriously? Still with the "other countries don't think masks work"? YES THEY DO. Western Europe, you won't be going anywhere in public unless you have a mask. I am tired of this "other countries", "people tell me", "many people", line. Shut up unless you have facts.
Jim Myers 2
Ignorant son of a bitch!
So they allowed her to fly from LA ro Phoenix without a mask, and then denied her boarding?


LA should have tossed her, not passed her along to Phoenix. She had the expectation of being allowed passage at Phoenix because LA didn't deny her entry to the American Airline system. Some attorney is going to be famous for this case I imagine... But hit a gate agent? Wow... BIG mistake... *shrug*
Another candidate for anger management/conflict resolution class.
Greg S 9
This rugged individualist has just earned the right to drive to and from her destinations. Good luck driving to Hawaii!
bobnvic 4
Lock her up.
Paul Miller 8
Just another RUDE person who feels that they can put others at risk by using the Airline's to get from one place to another in our world ? Drive yourself lady OK ? that way you can do whatever it is you wish to do as far as your travel goes and stay away from others that are concerned about their health !!!!
Just a grub.
eccsandiego 2
Here’s the video:

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aurodoc 2
I remember the good old days when if you weren’t wearing a button down shirt and tie you were underdressed
Craig Good 2
the other AA employees at the gate should have grabbed a baseball bat and hit the bitch in the face!!
Roy Hunte 5
The only problem with that is then the airline staff would have gotten the bad publicity, not the person that deserved it.

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Actually yelling IS assault.
Jim Myers 6
So, American Airlines said she assaulted their employee, the employee says she assaulted them, the Phoenix Police say she assaulted the employee, but because YOU didn't witness the assault it just didn't happen? Ignorant son of a bitch is what you are!
The Dude -6
I never said that. I only said that I could not see something amounting to assault in the video linked above.

Maybe it happened, maybe it did not. I would not necessarily believe the words of police (these days for sure) or those of the airline employees. I would believe third party witnesses.

I am no less son of a bitch than you, who are ready to condemn based on hearsay.
watkinssusan are free to NOT fly on any airline if you feel they assault people daily with their policies..rules and regulations are there for a purpose,no matter what business you are in,at,or using..i dont know about you,but my mother raised me to respect authority,rules and such,and if i questioned a policy or procedure,to ask what and why in as polite and courteous a fashion as possible..remember the old more flies with honey than vinegar adage???an airline ticket is a paid for passage from point a to point does NOT give a person the right to assualt,hit,verbally abuse or anything of the sort,the people giving you the service..wearing a mask is at present,pretty much the worldwide accepted way to protect your saliva and spittle and everything else from spreading to others, and them to you...remember..there is no vaccine as of yet..
The Dude 0
You are free to not fly is not an answer.
I said that I agreed with not letting this person board the plane without mask.
I think many people would agree that airline policies are often abusive of the customer. Often we do not have a choice. But we can express our opinion, sometimes pointedly, without being accused of assaulting someone. Again, I did not say it did not happen in this case.

As far as respecting authority, the these days many authorities do not deserve the respect.
Why cannot I hit or spit on someone who tells me to do something I don't want to do??? FREE country??
and remember I VOTE...
Too stupid for democracy.
Bill Harris 2
I dunno, my sarcasm detector alerted on Mr. Heller's post. Still, it could have been a false positive. Nowadays, it can be really hard to be sure.
I had 3 Rock Stars removed from my flight in Paris to N Y Loud vulgar & our Flag sewn on the seat of dungarees. 1st class tickets , but not on my flight. 30 years ago, Pan Am Passengers, applauded my action. Wear a mask or walk...
Robert Mack 1
Good for you, Captain!!

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idiocracy. amerika is screwed because of uncaring morons like you.


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