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Air India Express 737-800 Carrying Crashed at Kozhikode

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Air India Express flight IX1344 737-800 overran the runway at Kozhikode (CCJ), India, broke apart after falling down an embankment. (kokpitherald.com) Mais...

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Introducing the Beechcraft King Air 360

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Textron Aviation ushered in the next generation of its legendary King Air turboprop family on Tuesday with the introduction of the Beechcraft King Air 360/360ER. (dcnewsroom.blogspot.com) Mais...

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Activist kicked off American Airlines plane after flight attendant deems her face mask ‘offensive’

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A woman was kicked off an American Airlines flight and forced to drive thousands of miles to get where she was going. (www.local10.com) Mais...

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No more medical exemptions: Alaska Airlines says anyone who can't or won't wear a mask won't be allowed to fly

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Alaska Airlines is the latest airline to announce it will no longer allow medical exemptions from its mask-wearing requirement. The carrier said that if a passenger was unwilling or unable to wear one, they would not be permitted to fly. Despite evidence that wearing masks can significantly limit the spread of the coronavirus, masks have become a flashpoint for conflicts aboard flights (as well as elsewhere). Alaska Airlines said on Wednesday that it will no longer fly passengers who are… (www.yahoo.com) Mais...

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Inside Look: How JetBlue Aircraft is Returned to Service After Being in Storage

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New York-based JetBlue has placed 75 aircraft into a so-called “active storage program” at Pinal Airpark in the largely rural Marana, Ariz. Most of these aircraft have been sitting in the desert since April, awaiting their next mission. (airlinegeeks.com) Mais...

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Death toll from Indian passenger aircraft accident rises to 18

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The death toll from an Indian passenger aircraft accident has risen to 18, while 16 people have been severely injured, a senior government official said on Saturday. (uk.reuters.com) Mais...

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U.S. Navy's first Black female fighter pilot gets her wings

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Lieutenant Madeline Swegle, who made history as the U.S. Navy's first Black female tactical fighter pilot, received her Wings of Gold on Friday. (www.cbsnews.com) Mais...


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