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Germany's Lufthansa is set to buy 40% stake in Alitalia's successor ITA - paper

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Germany's Lufthansa is set to buy a 40% stake in state-owned Alitalia's successor ITA Airways and a deal could be unveiled next week, Italian daily Il Foglio reported on Saturday. ITA Airways started flying on Oct. 15 with nearly 2,300 employees and a fleet less than half the size of that operated by Alitalia, the 75-year old former national carrier which passed through a dizzying succession of restructurings and changes of ownership. The newspaper did not give a price for any deal,… (www.yahoo.com) Mais...

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Last operational flight of the Buffalo

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The flight crew of the last operational flight of the Buffalo share their feelings. (fb.watch) Mais...

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The probes/ sensors on the A350 Nose explained

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A video explaining all the probes and sensors on the nose of the A350. SSA- Side Slip Angle (X3) PFCS AOA- Primary Flight Control System Angle Of Attack (x1) MFP- Multi Function Probe (x3) Ice Detector (x2) Stand by Pitot (x1) (www.youtube.com) Mais...

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"le roll-out" d'un nouveau prototype du quadriturbine AG600

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Le programme de l'amphibie d'Avic se poursuit avec, il y a quelques jours, "le roll-out" d'un nouveau prototype du quadriturbine AG600. Ce second appareil fait apparaître de notables différences extérieures avec son prédécesseur. (www.aerobuzz.fr) Mais...

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American Airlines is suing The Points Guy for letting customers manage frequent flyer miles on the TPG app

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American Airlines is suing The Points Guy over the management of customers' frequent flyer miles. The airline previously sent TPG a cease-and-desist notice, leading TPG to preemptively sue. American says the data isn't secure outside its system, but TPG says customers should decide. American Airlines is suing The Points Guy over the TPG app's frequent flyer mile management tool, saying it violates trademark and privacy rules. The lawsuit is the latest escalation in a dispute… (www.yahoo.com) Mais...

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The Top Five Shortest Flights in America

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Five of the shortest flights in the mainland United States. These routes are still flying thanks to the Essential Air Service Act. (aeroxplorer.com) Mais...

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American Airlines Reports $2 Billion Loss in 2021

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The parent company of American Airlines, American Airlines Group (AAG) released their 2021 financial results on January 20th, revealing a total net loss of $2 billion for the year. American Airlines is the largest airline in the world by fleet size and passengers carried. (aeroxplorer.com) Mais...

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Teen becomes youngest woman to fly solo around the world

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Teenager Zara Rutherford has become the youngest woman ever to fly solo around the world. The 19-year-old pilot took five months to complete the world record flight, covering 52 countries along the 32,000 mile (51,000 km) journey. She said she was in tears during the final leg to Belgium, and was looking forward to seeing her cats. Ms Rutherford hopes to become an astronaut and to inspire more young women to become pilots. (www.bbc.com) Mais...

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The Infuriating Sundance Documentary Exposing Boeing’s Deadly 737 MAX Cover-Up

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Downfall: The Case Against Boeing is a story about how a revered company compromised its reputation in five short months—except, however, that Rory Kennedy’s documentary argues that this process actually began years earlier, when Boeing, once the standard-bearer for airline safety, efficiency, reliability and performance, was purchased in 1997 by McDonnell Douglas. That merger initiated Boeing’s fundamental transformation into a manufacturer that cared less about quality control than its stock… (www.yahoo.com) Mais...

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The 5G Fiasco From An Airline Pilot’s Point Of View

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The rollout of 5G wireless service across the United States and its impact on air travel has become a massive story. It seems beyond comprehension that possible complications with the high-speed data networking services wouldn't have been deconflicted for flight safety long ago, but with tens of billions of dollars invested in these networks... (www.thedrive.com) Mais...


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