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Ethiopian Airlines takes delivery of 30th Dash 8-400 aircraft

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De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited delivered another two Dash 8-400 aircraft to Ethiopian Airlines. (dcnewsroom.blogspot.com) Mais...

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Boeing Considering Selling Seattle Headquarters

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Boeing has confirmed that the company is looking at not having a brick and mortar head office at all and embracing the mobility that comes with going to work by flipping up a screen. (www.seattletimes.com) Mais...

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Delta takes delivery of first A220-300

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Today, Thursday October 22nd 2020, Delta Air Lines has taken delivery of its first Airbus A220-300 aircraft. After about an hour and a half flight from Mobile, Alabama KBFM, N302DU Delta Ship number 8302 landed at the airlines headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia (www.youtube.com) Mais...

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Aeroflot Airlines crew members helped smuggle $50 million worth of stolen iPads, iPhones, and more into Russia, a government investigation has found

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The US arrested 10 people in connection with a plot to use current and former Aeroflot Airlines crew members to smuggle $50 million in stolen electronics to Russia. The Department of State has revoked 113 visas of Aeroflot employees in connection to the scheme. Aeroflot reported a loss of $485 million in August due to stunted travel during the coronavirus pandemic. A US investigation found current and former Aeroflot Airlines employees helped to smuggle $50 million in stolen electronic devices… (www.yahoo.com) Mais...

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Airbus tells suppliers: plan now for post-crisis output hike

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Airbus has asked suppliers to be ready to support a conditional 18% increase in production of its best-selling single-aisle A320 jet family once demand recovers from the coronavirus crisis, the European plane-maker said on Thursday. It is among the first visible moves by aerospace firms to prepare for a possible bounce back from the pandemic and comes days after a major buyer, Wizz Air, predicted a quick rebound for the strongest budget carriers. However, the plan for an increase depends on a… (www.yahoo.com) Mais...


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