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Squawks e Manchetes ✈ Geral ✈ Mais Populares (24 hours)

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Delta sends a private plane after American Airlines cancels student group’s flight

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American Airlines cancels flight a student group had booked to continue their trip toWashington DC. Delta employees heard about the student’s predicament, contacted Delta Headquarters who sent a spare plane to pick up the group ( Mais...

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Uncertainty Looms Over Boeing and Airbus Ahead of Paris Air Show

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Over the past decade, global airlines have committed to a lot of airplanes. Perhaps too many. Is it possible the bubble might burst soon? Uncertainty over a Boeing jet and apprehension about the global economy hover over the aircraft industry as it prepares for next week’s Paris Air Show. That show and its alternating-years companion, the Farnborough International Airshow near London, are usually upbeat celebrations of the latest and greatest in aviation technology. In recent boom years, they… ( Mais...

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At the Crossroads of the World: Cabo Verde Airlines Aims to Turn Cape Verde into Intercontinental Hub

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Cabo Verde Airlines aims to turn its main hub into an interncontinetal hub similar to Iceland's Keflavik Airport. ( Mais...

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Spirit and Air France Order Airbus A220 at Paris Air Show 2019

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That's interesting! Who else will be placing orders? ( Mais...

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Dlaczego Nie Polska? Why Do No U.S. Carriers Fly to Poland?

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In Ask the Pilot: Dlaczego Nie Polska? Why Do No U.S. Carriers Fly to Poland? Mysteries of air travel volume XXVII. ( Mais...

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United 757-200 suffers significant fuselage damage after hard landing in Newark

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A United Airlines 757-200 performing flight UA627 from Denver (DEN) to Newark (EWR) suffered a hard landing, resulting in the aircraft partially skidding off the runway. The fuselage just above the nose gear also suffered significant damage during the ordeal. ( Mais...

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Pres. Trump unveils new Air Force One livery

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US President Donald Trump has revealed the renderings of the redesign of the presidential aircraft fleet, known as Air Force One. The new design, which Mr Trump showed in an ABC interview, trades in the iconic baby blue and white exterior for more patriotic colours. “There’s your new Air Force One,” he said, holding up the drawings of the red, white and blue planes. The revamp would be the first since President John F Kennedy was in office. ( Mais...

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Helvetic Airways Retires Final Fokker 100s

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Swiss regional carrier Helvetic Airways has announced the retirement of its final Fokker 100 aircraft. ( Mais...

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Will Boeing End Up Making A 777-10X?

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As Boeing inches towards the first flight of the Boeing 777X later this month, more leaks and sneak previews are making their way to the media. But one special version of the 777X, the 777-10X has not been heard of in some time. Will Boeing end up building the 777-10X? Or is it just a pipe dream with no real-world application? What is the Boeing 777-10X? The Boeing 777-10X is a further stretch of the 777X series that will include four more rows than the smaller -9 (and be 3.5 meters longer).… ( Mais...

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New Busan-Helsinki Route Irks Korean Carriers

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Finnair will start direct flights between Busan and Helsinki next year as a result of President Moon Jae-in's summit with his Finnish counterpart Sauli Niinistö on Monday, but although Korean carriers are sore, they are refusing to compete. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced the same day that Finnair will operate Busan-Helsinki route three times a week from March 30, 2020, the first direct flight to Europe from Busan's Gimhae International Airport. That is bad… ( Mais...

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United Airlines turns to NASCAR pit crews for quicker turnover

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United Airlines is turning to NASCAR pit crews to learn their secrets of quick ramp turnarounds. ( Mais...

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Norwegian suspends some transatlantic flights due to 737 Max

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Dublin, Ireland - The low-cost airline Norwegian Air Shuttle has suspended all flights from Cork and Shannon Airports to the United States due to the prolonged grounding of Boeing 737 MAX jets. Norwegian has confirmed the suspension to the local news portal for the rest of the summer season. All transatlantic flights of the long-haul low-cost departing from Cork and Shannon airports will be halted. "Due to the continued grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX by the European aviation… ( Mais...

  • 27

FAA says has no timetable for Boeing 737 MAX's return to service

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The Federal Aviation Administration said on Wednesday it does not have a specific timetable on when Boeing Co’s troubled 737 MAX jet would return to service after two fatal crashes ( Mais...


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