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Squawks e Manchetes ✈ Geral ✈ Squawk (24 hours)

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Drone shatters passenger jet’s nosecone (photos)

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A drone has collided with a passenger airplane in Mexico, mauling its nosecone and radome as the jet was attempting to land in Tijuana, Mexico. The crew had to request assistance to land the crippled aircraft. An Aeromexico Boeing 737-800 collided with the remote-controlled craft while approaching the airport for landing on Wednesday, according to reports on social media which were later confirmed by the airline. ( Mais...

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Wow Air To Cut Fleet Nearly in Half, Lays Off 111 Staff

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Iceland’s Wow Air has begun a restructuring exercise that saw it lay off 111 employees on Thursday and lay out plans to reduce its fleet size from 20 to 11 aircraft. ( Mais...

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Aer Lingus to hire over 100 new pilots

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Positions are open to qualified pilots, who, if successful, will join our flight team for an exciting and rewarding career, flying our modern aircraft ( Mais...

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Delta plane safely returned to Bradley International following engine loss

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Delta Flight Makes Emergency Landing at Bradley Airport After Engine Explosion ( Mais...

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Boeing delivers first China-completed 737 Max

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Boeing marked a key milestone in its relationship with China’s aviation industry today, delivering the first aircraft from its 737 completion and delivery centre in Zhoushan. The hand-over, undertaken in conjunction with joint-venture partner Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), involved a 737 Max 8 for Air China, registration B-1178. The aircraft was built on Boeing’s 737 assembly line in Renton, Washington, but completion was undertaken at the Chinese facility in Zhoushan. ( Mais...

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Air Astana Receives First Embraer E190E2

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Air Astana has this month received the first of 10 Embraer E190-E2 aircraft. The first features a Snow Leopard livery on the nose of the aircraft. This is the first of 10 aircraft that the Kazakhstani carrier is set to receive, with four more set to be delivered next year and the final five, leased by AerCap, to be delivered in 4Q19. ( Mais...

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Southwest Airlines flight #WN3606 turned around after a human heart was discovered onboard

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On Sunday afternoon, a Southwest Airlines flight bound for Dallas made a hairpin turn over eastern Idaho and headed back for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Southwest Airlines says the organ was flown to Seattle from California, where it was to be processed at a hospital to have a valve recovered for future use. But it was never unloaded and its absence was not noticed until the plane was almost half-way to Dallas. ( Mais...

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United CEO Declines Need for Additional Boeing 737 MAX Training

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During a conference on Wednesday to discuss new international routes out of San Francisco, the CEO of United Airlines made his first public comments on the safety of the 737 MAX. His comments came over a month after Lion Air Flight 610 crashed into the Java Sea on Oct. 29, 2018. ( Mais...

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Le BST réclame un meilleur dégivrage des avions.

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Le Bureau de la sécurité des transports (BST) affirme que les voyageurs qui décollent à partir d'aéroports en régions nordiques éloignées font face à des risques d'accident substantiels et inutiles en raison du manque d'équipement adéquat pour le dégivrage des avions. Le BST a tiré cette conclusion à la suite de son enquête sur l'écrasement d'un avion du transporteur West Wind Aviation quelques secondes après son décollage de Fond-du-Lac, en Saskatchewan, en décembre… ( Mais...

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Pilot Performs ‘Kiki Challenge’ Beside A Moving Airplane

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A pilot took up the ‘Kiki challenge’ to a next level by dancing beside a moving aircraft. She was joined by a flight attendant who was also seen dancing by her side ‘Kiki challenge’ also known as ‘Shiggy challenge’ has been the internet sensation for a while now. ( Mais...


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