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Squawks e Manchetes ✈ Geral ✈ Squawk (24 hours)

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Financial Times: Boeing admits flaw in 737 MAX flight simulator

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Boeing has now admitted it has been forced to correct a flaw in the software of the Boeing 737 MAX stimulators according to this article by the Financial Times. Read the full story. ( Mais...

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U.S. Warns Commercial Airliners Could Be At Risk In Persian Gulf

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U.S. diplomats warned Saturday that commercial airliners flying over the wider Persian Gulf faced a risk of being “misidentified” amid heightened tensions between the U.S. and Iran. ( Mais...

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Piper PA32 (Cherokee) Crashed in Honduras.

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Five foreigners, including the pilot, died on Saturday when their private plane crashed into the sea shortly after taking off from Roatán island, a tourist destination on the Atlantic coast of Honduras, local authorities said. ( Mais...

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Ethiopian Airlines pushes back on criticism of its pilots, states the Boeing 737 MAX has a problem

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Ethiopian Airlines is pushing back strongly against criticism that its pilots were to blame for the tragic MAX accident. ( Mais...

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Fixed-wing general aviation shipments jumped in Q1

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Shipments of fixed-wing general aviation aircraft surged in the first quarter of 2019, continuing a period of healthy growth despite a sag in deliveries of rotorcraft. ( Mais...

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Long Awaited TWA Hotel Debuts at JFK Airport

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The long anticipated TWAHotel is an #AvGeek curated paradise, but the hotel operations were turbulent at best. On its inaugural night, it dazzled and disappointed. ( Mais...

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Everything You Need To Know About Air France’s New A350’s

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Air France will be introducing a brand new aircraft into their fleet this coming September. The A350-900 will first operate on routes to Africa before being introduced across the Atlantic. ( Mais...

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Air Canada in Exclusive Talks to buy Air Transat

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Air Canada is in exclusive negotiations to buy the company that owns Air Transat, the two companies say. The proposed deal would value Transat at $13 per share, a 22 per cent premium from the $10.58 a share the company was valued at on Wednesday. At $13, Transat is being valued at roughly $520 million. ( Mais...


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