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Photos: Today, completes Five years that the A380 has been in Brazil, Remind
Today it is exactly five years since the Airbus A380 was in Brazil for the second time in its history. In that year 2012, the aircraft performed some test flights for homologat (Mais)
21 Airlines to Move Terminals Overnight During Massive LAX Relocation Effort in Mid-May
Twenty-one airlines will be relocated in mid-May at LAX in what airport officials are calling one of the largest terminal moves in the history of commercial aviation. (Mais)
Plane crashes, no pilot found
Plane was on auto pilot and crashed after it ran out of fuel. (Mais)
Malindo Air to get new Boeing planes
Lion Group is spending US$23bil to buy new Boeing 737 Max and Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft for Malindo Air. Co-founder of Lion Group, Rusdi Kirana said Malindo Air woul (Mais)
Wright Electric unveils revolutionary plan for 150-seat electric passenger plane
The electric car market just keeps growing, but electric planes aren’t yet a common sight. Wright Electric plans to change that with a 150-seat commercial passenger airplane po (Mais)


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