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Ha! Veteran TWA pilot Bob Buck, in his autobiographical "North Star Over My Shoulder", stated that the two-stage superchargers on these engines were unreliable. They were frequently stuck cruising at the lower altitudes when one of them wouldn’t shift into “high gear”. The Constellation was sometimes called “The world’s best three-engine airliner”, averaging 2-3 engine failures per plane per year.

Written on 24/09/2022 by France Davis

She looks great for a 26 year old airframe.

Written on 24/09/2022 by Duramus

How did you manage to take a shot like that?

Written on 24/09/2022 by Brian Wilkes

It would be so nice if people could park the f-ing politics for 30 seconds and just appreciate the fantastic beauty of the aircraft.

Written on 24/09/2022 by David Plummer

Beautiful shot, Derek!

Written on 24/09/2022 by David Plummer

Gorgeous! With lines like this, even a plain white paint job looks great!

Written on 24/09/2022 by adelma

I flew in the C-121 as a Radioman for 2000 hours in 1959-1960. The EC-121 was used for Electronic Reconnaissance by the Navy and the Air Force; we flew passengers and freight on certain flights. We had a lot of time on three engines, but we never caged one to save fuel unless we were in trouble. We landed on Johnston Island with just two turning on the same side. One of those was barely pulling its own weight. VR-7. What a great airplane! Beautiful pic.

Written on 23/09/2022 by Gene Bell

Beautiful shot! No prop strikes with that landing gear!

I remember riding in the 'way back' seat of a Connie many years ago and looking forward to see how the floor (and ceiling) followed that wonderful fuselage contour.

Written on 23/09/2022 by adelma

Beautiful shot!!

What wings should really look like! Gorgeous airplane.

Written on 23/09/2022 by adelma

Not a -200. #2 engine inlet gives it away.

Written on 23/09/2022 by kmenden

Thank you all for your comments

Written on 23/09/2022 by Pascal Simon

Ye olde "comet de vomit."

Written on 23/09/2022 by Justin Smith

I always wanted to ride in one of these and sit in the "bombadier's" slot.

Written on 23/09/2022 by Justin Smith

High speed crop duster?

Written on 23/09/2022 by Doug Cook

Love that high tech ladder

Written on 23/09/2022 by Doug Cook

Beautiful shot... Got those 12 exhaust stacks poking out of that Merlin and perfectly elliptical wings..

Written on 23/09/2022 by rbt schaffer

Jim Cochran-

I'm treading lightly here, but didn't the Super Constellation have tip tanks?

Written on 23/09/2022 by M Bodkin

That thing needs to shave...whiskers all over it's muzzle!

Written on 23/09/2022 by Steven Miller

Not sure why they have all those satcom antennae...not like anyone wants to talk to that idiot.

Written on 23/09/2022 by Steven Miller

Actual a former USAF/ANG C-121C Super Constellation.

Written on 23/09/2022 by Jim Cochran

This reminds me of my grade 6 class in the mid 50's my dad was stationed at RCAF base Trenton, Ontario and my class room windows all looked straight down the main runway that was used daily training new pilots in the Harvards that the RCAF had at the time! I would sit there and dream of one day flying like a bird up in the clouds and after my piston engine training I took up soaring at Chipman, Alberta east of Edmonton then at the Hope, BC glider club east of Vancouver.

Written on 23/09/2022 by Martin Burr

Wow, what a beautiful blue livery symbolizing a free and democratic society. Notice the 3 Viasat satcom antennas on the top of the fuselage.

Written on 23/09/2022 by Valerie Scott

Wonderful aircraft - Reminds me of Ormond Haydon Baillie's Hawker Sea Fury that I crewed on for many years in Vancouver, BC. while Ormond was stationed at CFB Cold Lake, Alberta & flyiing a CF-104 widow maker!

Written on 23/09/2022 by Martin Burr

Okay, not my desire to start a brawl on a lovely Autumn afternoon, but I don't believe this is EC model. My first duty station out of "A" school in 1967 was VQ-2 Rota Spain. We had EA3-B's and EC-121M's. The EC-121 had radomes both top and bottom and EC-121 was the Air Force designation. The Navy originally designated them as WV-2, weather aircraft. Since I was an ADJ, I rarely had anything to do with the "Willy Victor", but I recall due to their age, obtaining parts could be a challenge. I always thought it was one of the most beautiful designs in aviation, but with no radomes, I don't believe it's the EC model, just the standard 049?

Written on 23/09/2022 by M Bodkin

Is this the "Vomit Comet"?

Written on 23/09/2022 by chugheset

dead stick...

Written on 23/09/2022 by Cole Neill

Hey Bob P, my dad flew the EC-121. I believe it was with the NJ National Guard. Most likely a few years before you. He is 90 now.

Written on 23/09/2022 by Charles Behre

Sad, hoping for a caring pilot to refurbish before too long.

Written on 23/09/2022 by William Crooker

Terry in 1956 I flew the reverse of that, Travis to Hickam to Wake to Tachikawa AFB on a chartered EC-121 and then on to K55 Osan AFB on a chartered C-47.

Written on 23/09/2022 by Fred Shipman

Thanks all for your most kind comments...........

She put on a Great Show at Oshkosh with the Hurricane in '21.

Written on 23/09/2022 by ken kemper

What a great shot. So much written about this aircraft in British WW. II history.

Written on 23/09/2022 by DouglasBoyd Boyd

Great photo, too!

Written on 23/09/2022 by Paul Ellis

I've flown in one of these from Kuwait to Perth Australia, stopping in Diego Garcia, in about 2002/2003. I remember it was a long, cold, and uncomfortable journey, and after the pilot 'Vladimir' gave his safety briefing he wished us all good luck! What a way to start a flight!

Written on 23/09/2022 by Paul Ellis

66 years of service around the world , I had the pleasure of catching a hop on one about 1964.
A brilliant photo King Hui .

Written on 23/09/2022 by doug marshburn

Such a beautiful long-legged beauty. And quite the tail end! A true classic from the days when variety in design still existed. All IMHO.

Written on 23/09/2022 by Dan Chiasson

Regardless of the occupant, it's an impressive aircraft.

Written on 23/09/2022 by Al Miller

Was stationed on Wake Is for most of a year and watched these every day. Beautiful aircraft. I was told the body itself had enough lift built in to carry the weight of the landing gear.

Written on 23/09/2022 by Jim Isbell

Radar hanging from the right wing?

Written on 23/09/2022 by Patrick Hughes

captor learned to fly in one of these. So did I (though preceded in basics in the T-34 Mentor). This venerable workhorse was a great experience. How fortunate are we who shared in it. Beautiful photo.

Written on 23/09/2022 by Al Bell

I remember them flying over our house just post war in Battle of Britain celebrations. Then they just suddenly disappeared. Fantastic airplane. Terrific picture here.

Written on 23/09/2022 by Reginald Caton

My favorite. A beautiful plane. Air America was still flying them in the early 70s

Written on 23/09/2022 by Larry Horton

The man in 6A forgot to shave.

Written on 23/09/2022 by Kerry Ahearn


Written on 23/09/2022 by Michael Ambrosio

Robin @ Oshkosh 22'

Written on 23/09/2022 by Habujet

Beautiful aeroplane.

Written on 23/09/2022 by RAY LLOYD

Yep, best three engine aircraft ever built. Redundancy is your friend!

Written on 23/09/2022 by Don Parker

Beautiful shot. The monochromatic effect is fabulous.

Written on 23/09/2022 by terry kelsey

Great picture. So much going on in the shot just on the plane - curves, flowing lines, sharp edges, points, circles.

Written on 23/09/2022 by Karl Jackson

At the end of my active duty in '61, I flew back to the U.S. on a Super Connie chartered by the military. Long time in the air...Tachikawa AFB to Wake Island to Hickam Field to Travis AFB. Enjoyed every minute.

Written on 23/09/2022 by terry kelsey

Breathtakingly beautiful!

Written on 23/09/2022 by Russ Brown

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