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Muito top!

Written on 23/01/2021 by Eduardo Nogueira Castelo Branco

Baker Brothers

Written on 23/01/2021 by specialkay1

Thanks for the info, if I give L18, it will give the PACAERO Learstar type. When I enter PA18 she gives it a type Piper L-21 Super Cub :-(

Written on 23/01/2021 by Pavel Hon

This AC is not a PACAERO It is a Private Piper PA-L-18 Super Cub

Written on 23/01/2021 by andré belleau

I must be getting old. Last time I saw Air Force One closeup Bill Clinton was President. I did get to see it from a distance landing at LAX with President Obama aboard. President Clinton sent my sons the classic autographed picture of Air Force One flying over Mt. Rushmore.

Written on 23/01/2021 by Leander Williams

I have been a fan of Lufthansa for a long time (even before I started working for them). Keep up the great photos!

Written on 23/01/2021 by Andre Blanchard

Thanks Gary! Means a lot!

Written on 23/01/2021 by Noah S

This a Experimental 1983 Keller Frederick H Defiant Fixed wing multi engine 4 seats 2 engines
Owner Driscoll Delory JR. Milwaukee Wi. US.

Written on 23/01/2021 by andré belleau

That's Slide Mt in the background. The forecasts call for two or three snowstorms in the Sierra over the next week so there will be much more snow on Slide and Mt. Rose within four days or so which will make for fine snow covered mountains in next week's photos.

Written on 23/01/2021 by Gary Schenauer

Ten *s for these pics. And it will be a mob scene at 0154 Monday morning when N815NW returns to KBUF. And in a week or so (fingers crossed), you'll be clickin' a pic of their charter to KTPA!!!! Many Thanks, Noah, for being there for those of us who can't be. Very, VERY Sincerely from Reno.

Written on 23/01/2021 by Gary Schenauer

Beautiful! I heard this plane from my house last weekend, but couldn’t see it.

Written on 23/01/2021 by masonite

There was also a Kentucky Air Guard Hercules on the ramp. It had arrived about an hour before this photo was taken.

Written on 23/01/2021 by Gary Schenauer

Cool perspective!

Written on 23/01/2021 by Mark King

Our late 1950's/60's family outings included excursions to our Ft. Wayne airport, to view the coming and going DC-3's and even Connies. It was the age when one could go out on the tarmac next to the chain link and be very close to the action. The 2nd floor restaurant was quite good, and we'd enjoy dinner there with a table against the glass. On a good day the National Guard fighters would scream by. One day we witnessed a Sabre overshoot the runway and smash thru a small airfield red and white striped building, yikes!

Written on 23/01/2021 by Doug Cook

Great shot!

Written on 23/01/2021 by kutsev

Livery disease being treated.

Written on 23/01/2021 by Gary Justus

A beautiful sight to see; A FULL POWER STOL take off without passengers on board.
Seems like it takes off in 50 feet.

Written on 23/01/2021 by Chuck Muenzenmaier

South Florida Air Cargo still flies these everyday out of KOPF to the Bahamas.

Written on 23/01/2021 by Chuck Muenzenmaier

I believe I was witness to the crash Dave Mursch mentioned.The Saber pulled up over the top of my house as the wings, engine, canopy and seat departed the aircraft. The pilot was later found in a field east of Tipp City, Ohio still strapped in to his seat. Shocking day for a 12 year old boy.

Written on 23/01/2021 by Michael Winblad

Great memories - flew one operated by United out of Muskegon, MI back in 1964.

Written on 23/01/2021 by cbrace

Magnifique prise de vue. Thanks

Written on 23/01/2021 by Christian PAJOT

Magnifique photo,A400M avec la PAF de nuit ce qui est rare.

Written on 23/01/2021 by Christian PAJOT

Magnifique prise de vue

Written on 23/01/2021 by Christian PAJOT

Thats one big schnazz!

Written on 23/01/2021 by Tom Glass

What a great shot, wonderful.

Written on 23/01/2021 by Ken Fedder

Jack Jouett. Yes, this is a first best I can remember.

Written on 23/01/2021 by Dan Pendleton


Written on 23/01/2021 by warmwynds

What is happening?

Written on 23/01/2021 by William Fung

NetJets are the only planes I’ve ever seen do a multicolored registration number. I wonder why.

Written on 23/01/2021 by masonite

Aerial application 5-18-1996

Written on 22/01/2021 by Joseph Handelman

My second commercial flight was on an Allegheny Airlines DC3 from Erie, PA to Newark Airport in 1956. Quite an exciting experience for a young boy!

Written on 22/01/2021 by Ned Griffin

United used to fly these into the Rochester, NY airport in the 60s. Unmistakable sound.

Written on 22/01/2021 by Ned Griffin

Concur about the paint scheme. It is a classic keeper. No need to change.

Written on 22/01/2021 by Kam Bahrami

Oh neat! I worked on the Pratt & Whitney Canada PW306B small size turbofan engine development in the late 90s in Plant 22 near Toronto's Pearson Airport (CYYZ). Was my first out of university engineering design job. So neat to see the engine on the good old 328JET!!! Thanks for the photo!

Written on 22/01/2021 by Kam Bahrami


Written on 22/01/2021 by Tom Glass

Really Nice Shot!

Written on 22/01/2021 by Tom Glass

Wow! Nice shot!

Written on 22/01/2021 by Tom Glass

Is it my imagination or does Virgin Air use the same font as that at the tail?

Written on 22/01/2021 by krfields32

I have only seen four RTOs over the many years I've been at RNO. All four (this one, a Sun Country B737, an AA B757, and a Southwest B737) were declared while the jets were still at fairly low speed and in all four instances the jets stopped no more than 2/3rds of the way down the runways. Never any danger.

Written on 22/01/2021 by Gary Schenauer

This is an awesome shot.

Written on 22/01/2021 by WhiteKnight77

Beautiful plane!

Written on 22/01/2021 by Dave Dunmire

Serial is actually 154176, USN Bureau No. I think FA system adds the "dash" when uploaded. An absolutely beautiful shot too!!

Written on 22/01/2021 by zimbo1956

When they park this at PBIA (When Trump was president) it was way off to the side and surrounded by old school busses so you couldn't see it from the road.

Written on 22/01/2021 by gerald imbriale

Dave Seider is correct, they were both in town to speak at the NRA Convention. Both left within about an hour of each other if memory serves me correctly. I have post other shots from this sequence (which I like better) on this site. Regarding Philip Goldsby comment about the color variations, there could be a slight difference in color between two possibly because of paint fading? I am not sure, just throwing that out there as a possible explanation. One newer paint scheme than the other. I am not sure if AF1 (747) gets a more frequent repaint to keep it looking fresh than it would require if it were a pax bird, occuring mainly at a heavy D check interval. Don't know. Also, Trump has flown on the C-32 as AF1 on 2 or 3 occoasions that I have shot it. For whatever reason maybe the 747's were out of service??? or, perhaps Trump was going to go to a smaller type airport after leaving IND that could not handle a 747 due to its size? Thank You for all of the comments~!

Written on 22/01/2021 by John Giambone

I love to see pictures of this aircraft. It is so sexy and awesome looking. I wonder if they are still making it. I used to hear one fly over my house often, but not lately. A very distinctive sound for sure

Written on 22/01/2021 by BERNARDO DIAZ

Dennis - here is a link that may answer your question in more depth than Vinny's response, which is accurate.

Essentially, it's what was needed at the time since not every airstrip at the time of the design of the DC-3 was paved, as is commonplace nowadays. The "tail-dragger" design provided more stability in take-off and landing on uneven surfaces, since it pushed some of the center of gravity aft.

Written on 22/01/2021 by Patrick Keohane

Pratt and Whitney Canada loves this airplane, because of it's high powerplant-to-airframe ratio :)

Written on 22/01/2021 by Michael Mathers

As a kid in the 1950's my balsa wood airplanes were modeled after the F86.

Written on 22/01/2021 by aracing

A favorite it was used in Magnum PI and flown by TC

Written on 22/01/2021 by handyandy

@Juan Zermeno It’s because one of the main reasons for acquiring VC-32A was because it would allow the US Air Force to have the ability to fly POTUS into locations that might not have the infrastructure to land widebody aircraft but are also to far from the closest airport that is able to cater to widebody aircraft for Marine One to reach. Prior to having this aircraft going to some of these locations were a headache for both the USAF and Secret Service because usually it meant they would have to travel vast distances by ground sometimes in places that weren't exactly the safest of locations.

Written on 22/01/2021 by ccunningham87

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