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Temco TT-1 pinto used by us navy

Written on 13/07/2015 by sam kuminecz


Written on 24/07/2014 by Guido Warnecke

At the very bottom of the page you should see "Photo Tags" which will have the info you typed. You can change it there.

Written on 08/05/2014 by Jimmy Robinson

Greetings to Guy!

Written on 15/07/2014 by Guido Warnecke

I like how there's an ad for Universal's fuel card on the side of the DC9.

Written on 25/06/2014 by Daniel Baker

What is the intention to upload this photo, if I may ask?

Written on 08/06/2014 by Guido Warnecke

This is for Michelle's entourage and luggage.

Written on 05/04/2014 by Jimmy Robinson

Now this is different. I like it.

Written on 05/04/2014 by Jimmy Robinson

Hmmm . . . a moving subject that's sharp, with some prop blur, good color, centered, tightly cropped. Seems pretty good to me. An airplane in the sky will have nothing behind it, or clouds behind it. If someone is fortunate enough to be where there are mountains, trees, things like that, good. Otherwise, you take it as it is. I don't think it's that bad. What is bad though is that you're jumping on this guy when you have posted some really terrible images yourself such as , , and - underexposed, far away, drab. This photo and others you have criticized are much better than some of the ones you have posted. So, I wouldn't be 'throwing stones' and would consider a photography class yourself.

Written on 26/04/2014 by Jimmy Robinson

Great photo! Everybody is exited.

Written on 14/04/2014 by Guido Warnecke

No problem. I've done it myself, unfortunately. Nice shot too.

Written on 18/03/2014 by Jimmy Robinson

This looks like a possible HDR image to me, a very well done one.

Written on 11/05/2014 by Jimmy Robinson

His and all others' service is appreciated and their sacrifice is not forgotten. It's too bad he didn't make it.

Written on 21/03/2014 by Jimmy Robinson

Image Captured, April 29, 2014. Presented Gallery wrap copy of this print to ALASKA at KSJC, May 20, 2014, Measures 16 X 30 .. May be on the wall in the KSJC Alaska Lost Baggage Office

Written on 20/05/2014 by Clement

This is the actual plane A6-EEK that landed as UAE 434 in the Brisbane

Written on 01/10/2013 by Paraic Dooley

Celebrating Spring, no doubt.

Written on 21/03/2014 by Jimmy Robinson

Again here my question: what does a photo like this contribute to the photo section?

Written on 15/12/2013 by Guido Warnecke

Sideways? "flu"?

Written on 30/03/2014 by Jimmy Robinson

Go ahead, step across this line, I dare you.

Written on 07/03/2014 by Jimmy Robinson

Wherever this is, it looks cold.

Written on 21/03/2014 by Jimmy Robinson

Nice shot. Wish I'd been there.

Written on 21/03/2014 by Jimmy Robinson

Good shot.

Written on 21/03/2014 by Jimmy Robinson

Nice photo but it is a U.S. Air Force photo taken by Tech. Sgt. Ben Bloker.

Written on 07/03/2014 by Jimmy Robinson

In which sense does this one and other photos of yours contribute to a flight tracking and plane spotting web site?

Written on 07/12/2013 by Guido Warnecke

Ground flaps extended - nice photo!

Written on 14/10/2013 by Guido Warnecke

Actually, it's not. The threshold of the runway on the island of St. Martin is within throwing distance from the beach. Aircraft come down extremely low to the crowd and the beach in order to touch down on the runway. Here's a couple of links showing the airport and the beach -

Written on 24/03/2014 by Jimmy Robinson

Ron Harper - GPS the address I've pasted below. It will get you within 100 feet of the location. It's a street that dead ends against the airport's fence. Plane-spotters are strongly advised to call KIAH Airport Operations to "check in" with them. Tell them you're at "Rankin Road" and they'll ask you a few questions.

2501 Rankin Road
Houston, TX 77032

Written on 23/01/2014 by concord977

Nice tree!

Written on 14/09/2013 by Guido Warnecke

Darn good images. You did a great job with an ideal background and good time of day for ideal light. Impressive work.

Written on 16/03/2014 by Jimmy Robinson

May be you want to consider holding the camera straight next time. Otherwise, there is photo processing software available in the market.

Written on 21/08/2014 by Guido Warnecke

Awesome picture!

Written on 21/03/2019 by Kobe Hunte


Written on 14/09/2013 by Guido Warnecke

Getting ready for an IFR flight to Canada.

Written on 30/03/2014 by Guido Warnecke

Wow! I've never seen a rainbow effect in all the years I've been shooting. Good shot.

Written on 23/02/2014 by Jimmy Robinson

Alamo1000 - thanks. I use a Nikon D800.

Written on 03/11/2013 by concord977

A fast aircraft!

Written on 05/11/2013 by Guido Warnecke

I like this one.

Written on 07/03/2014 by Jimmy Robinson

Well . . . you just might be right. I couldn't remember what kind it was and am not as up on helicopters as I should be, so I put what I thought I was. This was the only shot I had of this so I had nothing from the side. I'll change the caption so it will be correct. Thanks for pointing this out.

Written on 08/03/2014 by Jimmy Robinson

Very good photo.

Written on 02/03/2014 by Jimmy Robinson

Windows in the nose section . . . ?

Written on 18/03/2014 by Jimmy Robinson

Thanks, I appreciate it. This particular image was taken with a Minolta 7D (believe it or not) in 2007, processed in Photoshop. I started out with the 7D as my first DSLR since I had a full array of lenses, cords, etc, from having bought the 7000 (the first autofocus SLR) when it came out. I now use a Nikon D300, possibly upgrading whenever I find employment.

Written on 20/03/2014 by Jimmy Robinson

Hot ship

Written on 25/06/2019 by Guido Warnecke

Looks a lot like a DC-3 to me.

Written on 18/03/2014 by Jimmy Robinson

Great shot.

Written on 21/02/2014 by Jimmy Robinson

Whoops! I guess the 'fix' was a mistake too. Well, half right at least.

Written on 20/03/2014 by Jimmy Robinson

Ah, the perfect meal.

Written on 20/03/2014 by Jimmy Robinson

Pilatus P2 in Japanese markings. Interesting

Written on 19/01/2017 by sam kuminecz

and if there is n auto-focus switch on your camera... put in in the position "ON".

Written on 21/08/2014 by Guido Warnecke

Fantastic photo!

Written on 17/09/2013 by Guido Warnecke

Oshkosh is fun!

Written on 25/07/2014 by Guido Warnecke

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