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Wow! I live in Albany and didn't know this came in way back in 2010! What was this here for? Charter or super high demand?

Written on 19/01/2021 by Hudson Garber

This is the first photo of SU-BTT to be presented in the FA picture gallery.

Written on 19/01/2021 by Gary Schenauer

@ Diana Rose thank you!

Written on 19/01/2021 by daniel jef

"Too close for missiles, I'm switching to guns"

Written on 19/01/2021 by iffmode4

What a classic shot. Should be used for an aircraft calendar

Written on 19/01/2021 by iffmode4

I recall my father in law telling me how they would de-ice the wings on Frontier/Western aircraft back in the 1950's 1960's at SLC. The ground crews would use a length of thick hawser rope thrown over the wing and 2 men would see-saw it across the length of the wing breaking up the ice and snow.

Written on 19/01/2021 by iffmode4

Thank you Robert...............

Appreciate your comment.

Written on 19/01/2021 by ken kemper

Central Florida’s boom-real estate trends

Written on 19/01/2021 by Jan Wegrzyn

Fantastic shot

Written on 19/01/2021 by Andre Blanchard


Written on 19/01/2021 by Andre Blanchard

Junk Cars ?

Written on 19/01/2021 by William Crooker

Stellar Shot! *****

Written on 19/01/2021 by Diana Rose

That is one wealthy Russian!

Written on 19/01/2021 by Tom Glass

Superb photographic angle of this B-744.
Also, Thai Airlines logo fits perfect with its flying mission.

Written on 19/01/2021 by ROBERT MILLS JR

The flight history shows this aircraft being much under-utilized.
Great photograph of de-icing operations.

Written on 19/01/2021 by ROBERT MILLS JR

Brian Elling. Thank you, oh those memories did see the Skyblazers with the F-86 in the mid 1950s. I think 1955, 1956 and also when they switched to the F-100. Each time at Ypenburg AB near the Hague, The Netherlands.

Written on 19/01/2021 by Kurt Finger

Lots of classic pictures Tom. Looks like you've been a spotter for a long time.

Written on 19/01/2021 by chris lucak

the best

Written on 18/01/2021 by Tommy Evans

I was going to edit out the bird but I decided to leave it in. I have easily passed this jet several thousand times in the 25 years I've lived here and it is always crisp and clean; no bird deposits, no faded paint, so I figured the bird won't "ruin" the jet so it could stay. lol
This jet is a landmark in this town; everybody uses it to give directions (ie: "just stay on this highway until you see the Navy A-7 on the left and then take a right and ....") etc. etc. Maybe that is one reason it is always so well maintained. Seriously, I've seen more aircraft on display outside under the sun than I can count and almost all of them are either faded, blistered, dust covered, rain spattered, bird splattered, or a combination of several of these. But not this one. I'd sit on the wing and eat a picnic lunch on this one. Congrats and Thanks to whoever is doing the maintenance on this.

Written on 18/01/2021 by Gary Schenauer

Thanks PLC . Tork to yor borse ?

Written on 18/01/2021 by JM32


Written on 18/01/2021 by parkerlawncare


This photo is not at 35,000 feet!


Written on 18/01/2021 by warmwynds

Beautiful plane! Very sad that it got destroyed.

Written on 18/01/2021 by jmilleratp

"Passing Gas". Chris, after having looked through your photo credits I think we should start referring to you as Chris "Contrail" Collinsworth. I have never seen so many incredible high altitude shots.

Written on 18/01/2021 by iffmode4

Yep, it certainly is a -800, sorry for the typo ... is there a way to correct it?

Written on 18/01/2021 by Thomas Okaty

Love these throwback/heritage liveries. I wish United would do one in "Battleship gray".

Written on 18/01/2021 by Spencer Hoefer

Thank you, Sir!

Written on 18/01/2021 by Brian Elling

Nice series of shots of this beauty at sunset!!

Written on 18/01/2021 by rwb2112

Thank you both.

Written on 18/01/2021 by rwb2112

Thanks Diana!

Written on 18/01/2021 by rwb2112

It's actually a -330. Nice picture.

Written on 18/01/2021 by jdaigneau

Over Lake of the Ozarks, MO

Written on 18/01/2021 by ginbudjim21

You have a very nice collection of excellant photos to be proud of :-)

Written on 18/01/2021 by a mentor

Thanks cboginsk

Written on 18/01/2021 by Luis Rguez

Great photo! I have a friend who used to work on these aircraft in the 50's so I would like to make a copy of this photo for him.

Written on 18/01/2021 by Alan Brown

Thank You.

Written on 18/01/2021 by zimbo1956

Looks like a 757-300. Nice photo with an interesting perspective.

Written on 18/01/2021 by cboginsk

Excellent film shot.

Written on 18/01/2021 by Diana Rose

Best Light!*****

Written on 18/01/2021 by Diana Rose

Stellar Shot!

Written on 18/01/2021 by Diana Rose

danke Greg!!

Written on 18/01/2021 by Uwe Zinke

You have a pretty cool back yard!

Written on 18/01/2021 by zennermd

Get that Tiger some wings!

Written on 18/01/2021 by Tom Glass

Didn't realize there were conversions as far back as the 90's!

Written on 18/01/2021 by Tom Glass

Does this airline only do charters for the ICE/DOJ?

Written on 18/01/2021 by Spencer Hoefer

Thank you Keith, Mike, and Tom for sharing your experiences with this aircraft!
Jerry, I will be producing a video on places to spot at DSM on my YouTube channel, Citrus Aviation. It should be outing the next month, but short of it here is there are 4 major spotting locations, Cell Phone Parking lot (this image was taken there), Parking Garage, an Elliott Aviation hanger parking lot, and a hill by runway 13, which you need permission from airport ops to use.
Thank you, Dave!
The E6 does operate a similar mission to the Looking Glass but for Navy purposes.

Written on 17/01/2021 by Dwight Hartje

I have seen this aircraft multiple times, great photo!

Written on 17/01/2021 by Luca G

Pharamineuse photo !

Written on 17/01/2021 by Pierre Cantin

This is the UD.14-01, Canadair (now Bombardier) CL415. The data that appears both of the registration and of the model have been modified by the web system

Written on 17/01/2021 by Luis Rguez

Good evening, these are data that have been modified by the system, just as the license plate does not have the B that the program adds by system, I am sorry for the inconvenience but personally I cannot do anything

Written on 17/01/2021 by Luis Rguez


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