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Nice catch. Probably some big bucks going into that 737.

Written on 12/07/2022 by Tom Glass

Hey Gary! Good to see you!

Written on 12/07/2022 by CHRIS ROBEY

. . . and an F-104 nose in the foreground?!?

Written on 12/06/2022 by Hawk Moore

Thanks, I think we can appreciate your knowledge base and thank you for sharing.

Written on 12/06/2022 by Glenn Mottley

5* Gary, great shot as usual!

Written on 12/06/2022 by davesheehy

As a photographer, I too have captured aviation tragedy. What I did with the pictures was give them to the NTSB investigator who was inspecting the wreckage. I didn't post them on a public forum, because they were pictures of a fellow aviator meeting tragedy. For the unknown who stated that this is reality; Maybe during WW2 this was reality, but not now. Reality to this crew was going home after the show. This does not belong on a public photo gallery. The family and friends of this crew don't want to see this and I sure don't.

Written on 12/06/2022 by davesheehy

RIP - This aircraft,pilot and 2 pax were destroyed on 12/5/2022 at KRCE, Oklahoma

Written on 12/06/2022 by William Camp

Great shot Gary! I still need to grab this special! Well done as always!

Written on 12/06/2022 by Darryl Sarno

Gorgeous shot of this special Gary!

Written on 12/06/2022 by Darryl Sarno

Fantastic shot Gary!

Written on 12/06/2022 by Darryl Sarno

Thanks Gary!

Written on 12/06/2022 by Darryl Sarno

Seconds to live

Written on 12/06/2022 by Chris Hingst

Note to twenty4pack. Have to decency to stop such comments or have the nerve to post using your real name

Written on 12/06/2022 by Rick D

Great Photo Brian........

Tragic Day
An aviation moment you will not forget (unfortunately)

Written on 12/06/2022 by ken kemper

Amazing Photo !!

Written on 12/06/2022 by ken kemper

Good to see a B-1B at an Aviation Event.

Congrats Tomas on 25 years at FedEx per your post to me..........

Written on 12/06/2022 by ken kemper

This is reality Brian, get used to it.

Written on 12/06/2022 by twenty4pack

Great Photo Fujiwara !!

Written on 12/06/2022 by ken kemper


Written on 12/06/2022 by a mentor

agreed. I posted something similar.

Written on 12/06/2022 by Rick D

2sheds. I live about 65 miles west of Whiteman. Sometimes when the B2s are coming home they fly directly over my house. Not always easy to spot but distinct in their sound.

Written on 12/06/2022 by gorillazilla

Absolutely disgusting to post this. Remove it

Written on 12/06/2022 by Brian Hamlin

Absolutely disgusting to post a picture like this…
Remove it

Written on 12/06/2022 by Brian Hamlin

Why post this picture??
Respect the people that lost their lives…delete it

Written on 12/06/2022 by Brian Hamlin

Have flown many King Airs, the nosewheel doesn't retract fully before the main gear starts rising up. something is wrong and it looks like an expensive "wrong".

Written on 12/06/2022 by Carl-Otto Jaeschke

What happened to the nose wheel?

Written on 12/06/2022 by Carl-Otto Jaeschke

I've got a few hundred hours in this airplane. The STOL kit made it especially fun.

Written on 12/06/2022 by hweidhofer


Written on 12/05/2022 by JBVR GDTH

P63 was out of sequence, but the Air Boss holds the greater responsibility for having the fighters to cross the flight path putting the planes on this dangerous course. Watch Juan Browne's @blancolirio channel for best explanation.

Written on 12/05/2022 by Vaughn Blue Jr

why have you done this?

Written on 12/05/2022 by ginervra

Looks like Cecil Field?

Written on 12/05/2022 by scottieshea

It's the new "Herb Bird"!

Written on 12/05/2022 by desertpilotjc

Love those polished Aluminum Aircraft.

Written on 12/05/2022 by Leslie Murphy

great shot, Brian? This photo should be deleted, should never have been posted. Unless you like photos that show what are sure to be some body parts and soon to die fellow aviators in them.

Written on 12/05/2022 by Rick D

An absolutely horrible tragedy that could have been avoided with std heavy and fighter altitude deconfliction. Read the NTSB preliminary report ( and watch the video (

Written on 12/05/2022 by Hawk Moore

befreefilm 100% true

Written on 12/05/2022 by Brian Elling

Air Boss had the fighters and bombers switch lanes. Bombers from the 500 foot line to the 1,000 foot line and the Fighters from the 1,000 foot line to the 500. They were doing what they were instructed to do.
Rest in peace un-replaceable men and machines.

Written on 12/05/2022 by befreefilm

Yes, you uploaded it 3 times now! Is it your photo?

Written on 12/05/2022 by Brian Wilkes

Nice shot of an uninspired paint job.

Written on 12/05/2022 by Paul Wisgerhof

Glenn Mottley, according to the Museum website it is a Douglas A4A.

Written on 12/04/2022 by avgeeked

So beautiful

Written on 12/04/2022 by Edel Jesús

Wouldn't a TA-4 be a 2 seater?....Keeps good company, an A-7 in the background.

Written on 12/04/2022 by Glenn Mottley

My original ATC home. A306's, B763's, and B752's made up every other plane we moved in the late 2000's.

Written on 12/04/2022 by Ryan Jaros

Beautiful paint !!

Written on 12/04/2022 by Rick Arnett

Very sad

Written on 12/04/2022 by ginervra

tragic incident ...a great shot of the accident tho.

Written on 12/04/2022 by Brian Rushfeldt

He was painted olive drab which matched the ground below thus harder to see from above before executing his turn.

Written on 12/03/2022 by William Crooker

Yes, all the clutter fits nicely to frame the view.

Written on 12/03/2022 by Diana Rose

A real cool shot!

Written on 12/03/2022 by Diana Rose

An absolutely gorgeous morning ... except ... it was pretty dang cold (18 F) on that open taxiway where I was positioned.

Written on 12/03/2022 by Gary Schenauer


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