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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines adds Austin, Texas to North Atlantic network

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Austin is the 19th North Atlantic destination to be served by KLM. The new KLM flights expand the Air France-KLM transatlantic network and augment the joint-venture portfolio with Delta Air Lines. To make these flights possible, changes will be made to the long haul KLM network to free up slots at Schiphol. "We have built up a robust transatlantic network thanks to our joint ventures with Air France and Delta Air Lines. We will continue to optimise this network. As part of this we launched… ( Mais...

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Larry Horton 3
It is nice to see more non stop to Europe from central Texas. I can use either KSAT or KAUS and with more non stop from Austin it is becoming my departure of choice. KSAT is falling behind.
mary susan watkins 4
austin is the capitol city of texas,and bergstom airport is large and has the runway capacity..there must be a demand for this service from Austin,or they would not expand..they have flown in and out of iah and dfw for many years,,and the service is known to be excellent..i wish them the best...
Michael Ragsdale 1
Big time Tech area also. I retired about 4 years ago and at that time, British Airways was operating a 787 to AUS. Not sure if they still do.
snipessjessey 3
beautiful i like their latest input ....
n9341c 1
I'm hoping KLM will start service to Abilene in the near future.
Russell Hill 1
I believe when they say "direct service" they do not mean "Non-stop". They mean it stops and might even change aircraft somewhere enroute, such as Atlanta.


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