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United is boarding economy passengers first and business class last on all flights to promote social distancing

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United Airlines is implementing social distancing in the skies with new policies aimed at reducing the number of passengers on flights and limiting potential contact between customers. ( Mais...

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Highflyer1950 2
And after a return to normal if they continue with this, it’s going to be a surprise when business boards and the overheads are full?lol.
Roger Anderson 3
Meh doubt it. They'll reserve bin space. Too many times I've been kept back because of waiting for duty free items and a space was kept for me when I finally got on.
Years ago, back when Tower Air was flying, we traveled to England, France and Italy lots of times as First Class passengers and were always the last to board. First class, at least on the 747 has their own storage, so the untouchables in economy couldn't stash their ill gotten goods up front. Made sense then, and today I am left wondering why this was never adopted industry wide.
bizprop 1
Social distancing is going to be a real challenge at the busier and more cramped airports. More measures are going to have to be put into place for people to feel safe and get them traveling again. Cabin air quality is a big one. Both passengers and flight attendants will have to wear masks and gloves. I saw that Allegiant announced that it will be supply all its passengers with a kit that includes a mask, non latex gloves and two sanitizing wipes. I'm sure other airlines will also be doing the same.
Michael Stansfield 1
The concept of boarding from front to back never really made sense to me. Seems to me boarding from back to front, then the reverse for de-boarding would be more efficient.
Lee Withers 1
Okay children, you talk about the “old days”, however you can’t remember them cause you were not around. Back “when” the DC-3 was what was flying everybody all 24 passengers loaded in the back and stopped their wat to their seats. History aside, it’s a whole lot smarter to load back to front so there are fewer people to get around as they are trying to stuff something in a full overhead.
mary susan watkins 1
ok..everything old is new again...back in the "good old days" of aviation,the aircaft were boarded from the back to the me that was a good idea as it avoided the stares from passengers in coach if you happened to be in a first class far as carryon luggage,since far fewer people are flying, there may not be a problem with overhead bin space,and of course the flight attendants will keep the front coat closet open for first class,as well as the bins in that the way, also back in olden times,the "smoking section" when it was allowed,was in the back of the plane!
mary susan watkins 1
I might add a pss...its not done any longer,but I remember once flying on delta when they had the 747 aircraft, and they used 2 doors to was for first class and the second was for coach..that was wide body of course and at an airport which had jetbridges allowing double door boarding..
patrick baker 1
i applaud an intelligent boarding process here, and predict it will be around for a long time, for fear of the virus will be around for a long time.


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