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Boeing's biggest Supplier lays off 2800

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Boeing's largest supplier is laying off a significant number of its employees because of the 737 Max production suspension. Spirit AeroSystems (SPR), which makes fuselages for the Max as well as other items for Boeing, announced Friday that it is furloughing approximately 2,800 workers. Shares of the Wichita, Kansas-based company fell more than 1% in trading. "The difficult decision announced today is a necessary step given the uncertainty related to both the timing for resuming 737… ( Mais...

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Bill Christy 2
meanwhile the Boeing CEO heading out the door takes $62,000,000 with him as compensation for his "great work". What's wrong with this picture??
Wolfgang Prigge 0
In my neighbourhood there’s a GE plant that makes turbine blades, they laid off 70 people today, citing the suspension of 737Max production as cause.


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