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2nd time within a month, F-16 from 114th FW in Sioux Falls departs Runway

An Air National Guard F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jet skidded off the runway at the Sioux Falls Regional Airport on Tuesday afternoon, just weeks after a similar incident happened to another aircraft at the same airfield. ( More...

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japanjeff 4
I misunderstood the title at first and was thinking "well, I hope the planes would depart from a runway (as opposed to a taxiway)" 🤣
Joe Sumone 4
Second time in a month...same issue...sounds like its going to get blamed on the maintainers. But it might be rightly so, it could be the anti-skid system is malfunctioning due to brakes not being bled properly. Would be interesting to see the 781A's for both aircraft and see if there is a common maintenance issue and common Corrected By/Inspected By.
linbb 3
Well it could be many things with the anti skid dont know why you picked bleeding but oh well. It could be a sensor problem or a wiring problem or the computer for that. Who knows until they diagnose it. You know something like why did the plane crash statekents before the smoke clears.
Jewel Cowart 4
The reason they are called lawn darts
Michael Meyers 1
Time to relieve the CO I would say.


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