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Heathrow Airport At Danger of Nationalization, Fresh Investors Scarce | Airways Magazine

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The United Kingdom’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has warned London Heathrow (LHR) that it could face nationalization if no funds found. ( Mais...

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Paul Miller 1
With all the expansion of Airports and then again the many ways that the Airlines found of making us (the general public) shell out for things like Extra Luggage Fess and upgrades ? That None of them ever gave a thought to THE fact that what IF ? a Virus a COVID-19 were to one day hit the entire world ? and then what they would all do ? did they just bury heads in the sand and say IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN !!!! They were all so happy to hit the general public with higher fees and lovely new Terminals, but as soon as the Virus hit, then all of avation were screaming that they were hurting for money and needed help ? THIS IS JUST MY VIEWS OK GUYS, A LOT OF YOU WILL NOT AGREE AND I ACCEPT THAT FACT COMPLETELY, SO PLEASE DON'T GO GETTING ALL GOING WITH HOW I AM TOTALY WRONG IN THIS ? BECAUSE MAYBE I AM ? AS WE ALL HAVE OUR ONW VIEWS ON THINGS.


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