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Airbus’ odd-looking BelugaXL aircraft is one step closer to its maiden flight

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If you’ve ever seen one of Airbus’s “bloated” Beluga aircraft, you certainly won’t have forgotten about it. Named after the Arctic whale for its similar appearance, the huge and rather odd-looking airplane has been in service for the last 20 years, flying large aircraft components — think fuselage sections, wings, and tails — from European suppliers to Airbus’s assembly plants in Toulouse, France and Hamburg, Germany. ( Mais...

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Chris B 4
Can you imagine what a A380 version of this would look like?
Christian Parada 2
Wow. That might transport parts for cruise ships.
Zito Bulo 3
emkostiuk 1
Looks similar to the old Guppy I watched out of Long Beach Calif years ago..
Thomas Craig 1
The Boeing Dreamlifter is the current Boeing variant of Airbus Beluga. It is much more powerful and better than the Beluga.


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