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Malaysia Airlines B777: The persistence of conspiracy theories

Six months after the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 it is still the subject of a slew of explanations. Why has this tragedy prompted such a wave of conspiracy theories? Sudden, dramatic events often provoke conspiracy theories - particularly where the official version is disbelieved. Think JFK, Princess Diana, 9/11. ( More...

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preacher1 3
With so little information forthcoming on the front end, for whatever reason, thee was no hard evidence to indicate what had happened and in the absence of anything official, the unofficial just ran amok, and quite honestly, while some have been discounted and proven untrue, those that are left carry as much credence as anything put out in the name of officialdom because there is no evidence of any kind to back up anything, official or otherwise. Until such evidence is found, they will persist. It was not quite as bad as AF447 as they had communication from it, knew there was a problem and that it crashed. Problem was just getting to it.
Ric Wernicke 1
I think this proves the ocean is a big place. I learned this 40 years ago when I dropped a new Nikonos III in forty feet of water near Catalina and could not find it.

I don't believe there is any conspiracy here. Most of these theories are nonsense on the face. I am anxious to learn if this was because of pilot error, a design flaw, or a mx failure.

So often pilot error is coupled to a lack of situational awareness, however, when a pilot has earned the right to fly the 777 they are usually the best in the air. As to a design flaw, the 777 record speaks for itself, but not outside the realm of possibility. My greatest fear is a mx failure. These machines require people at the top of the game to keep 'em flying and I don't think I am saying anything out of school when I mention aviation in Asia is growing so fast that a robust culture of the "right stuff" has not had a chance to gel in the region.

I still feel great empathy for the souls aboard and those they left behind.
frank hahn 1
I wish they wpould get off their butts and find that plane!


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