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Ilyushin Il-76 (RA-78765)
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Ilyushin Il-76 (RA-78765)

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Jim Quinn
Why is it that Russian aircraft are so ugly?
Great photo, though!
a mentor
it's in the eyes of the beholder IMO @Jim. MUCHO MACHO. Looks like it could swallow someone whole!
Jeroen StroesPhoto Uploader
UGLY?? Impressive equipment!!
Mark Gould
Definitely in the eyes of the beholder.
ken kemper
Impressive photo Jeroen.

Looks like a C-141 Starlifter on steroids.
ua qrz
Great photo. Biutiful plane.
Russ Brown
Would look great with eyes.
Robert Oldershaw
Great head-on shot.
Leander Williams
Russ Brown it looks like it already has eyes at the wing roots.
Dan Chiasson
Just plain powerful and multi-functional. Built for function, not looks. The powerful "legs" tell it all. It seems as the grey weather suits the theme of pure functionality.
Rick VanSice
Russian birds may not be as pretty as those made in America, although they tend to be pretty reliable and designed to be very functional.
Amir Begloei
Great shot! Agree it is indeed an ugly bird, although impressive in size. Not so sure about reliability of Russian made planes. Last I checked they had a horrible crash record.
Robert Cowling
They aren't ugly as much as utilitarian. Nothing wasted on looks.

This looks like the plane is saying 'You want a piece of me?'.

And that's a heck of a lot of rubber. Wow...


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