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Piper Cherokee (N9382W)

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N9382W, a Piper Cherokee 28-235, is snapped here about two and a half hours ago as it is going off runway 15 and into the desert while landing at Fernley's Tiger Field. The pilot can be seen here being propelled forward as the plane skids off into gravel, dirt, and sagebrush but his seatbelt was buckled and both occupants of the Cherokee emerged uninjured from the crash. Runway 15-33 at Tiger Field is presently closed because the Piper came to a stop near the western edge. N9382W is a gorgeous Piper and fortunately the damage to it appears to be relatively minor.
The Piper had departed Reno-Tahoe International just a few minutes before this landing accident at N58 (Tiger Field).


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
I was at Tiger Field performing a photo shoot unrelated to this incident when the pilot of N9328W radioed in on approach. Since I was already there, I photographed the arrival / landing of the Cherokee. It was a routine arrival - no emergency was declared. The accident did not begin until the Piper landed. In my 34-shot sequence of photos, the front tire can be seen exploding in picture #8 and it is definitely deflating as the aircraft sweeps closely past me in pictures #18, #19, and #20. The pilot is plainly visible in those three clicks and he is obviously just beginning to react to the fact that the plane cannot be properly steered during its landing rollout. As the aircraft careened off the west edge, burrowed into the desert landscape, and came to a sliding halt, it occurred to me that I was quite fortunate to be positioned off the east edge. In my last couple of photos, the two occupants are out of the aircraft and it is apparent that both are mobile and uninjured. The crash, which took place about three hours before I posted this comment, ended the activity I had previously been photographing.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
The aircraft sustained only minor damage. The front gear tire has been replaced and N9382W is back in the air.
(My apologies for the typo in my previous comment. I accidentally reversed the "2" and the "8" in that comment.)
Greg Byington
Another nice job of being in the right place at the right time, Gary! Well done!
Tom Vance
"Cub" Reporter 1st byline x 5*****
Right place at the right time, Great shot!
"emerged uninjured from the crash" - "Crash" isn't exactly the correct word to describe this incident. :)
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