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Embraer ERJ-190 — - Thunderstruck in DC
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Embraer ERJ-190 —

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Thunderstruck in DC


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Viv Pike
Nice capture there, HAKLS !!
Dave Sheehy
Great catch HAKLS! I hope someone sent that fueler indoors before it got closer...
HAKLSPhoto Uploader
Thank you Viv and Dave!
Tom Heaverlo
Great photo! Awesome!
Thomas Harbauer
Oh my gosh HAKLS, that's amazing!
HAKLSPhoto Uploader
Tom and Thomas, glad you like it!
Dwight Hartje
Beautiful shot and great timing!
HAKLSPhoto Uploader
Thank you Dwight!
Leon Kay
Amazing photo 5+
I guess DCA doesn't have a fueling suspension rule with lightning in the vicinity. Either that or someone is being disobedient.
Don Lynch
Good catch!
Charles OBrien
Great snap.
marylou anderson
Great pic. Those folks in DC got hammered with storms.
WoW, great timing! Like this picture!
Bill Gardner
Excellent pic, I sure as hell hope you were not planning on flying that day.
I flew on a twin prop puddle hopper in Ark. for a jobn during a lightning storm, and when I got off the plane they used the seat to make icecream cones, SERIOUS PUCKER FACTOR
Stéphane Dubé
Great catch!!
Rolando A Thimmig
The strike was not on the aircraft (fortunately), but behind it, very far away...
Derek Birch
Pretty scary looking at the lightning great shot


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