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Sleeping at the airport: American Airlines flight attendant, pilot unions complain about lack of hotel rooms

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The unions say American is failing to provide adequate hotel rooms in a timely manner. The pilot and flight attendant unions filed grievances with the airline over the issues. Labor unions representing 40,000 American Airlines pilots and flight attendants say the carrier has failed to provide crews with enough transportation and adequate hotels during layovers, a trend that is depriving them of rest in some cases. In grievances filed with the carrier on Tuesday, the Association of Professional… ( Mais...

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Robert Cowling 3
Well, isn't that special. I arrived early to LAX, like 4AM, and had to sleep on the floor. But I depend on the crew to be well rested and Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed. American just seems like they are blowing it on so many levels.

Imagine being an AirBNB host for flight crews. The stories they could tell...
patrick baker 1
unless american purchases a hotel for crew rest, they cannot be sure rooms will be available . More passengers are competing for rooms , and there are not enought rooms for all. Same with rental cars.
william baker 1
Its called blocking rooms. I know long haul airlines do that so the crews have a room everynight.
Robert Cowling 1
I ended up in a 'crew blocked room', and at 3AM got an offer to crew a flight to Europe. I should have taken them up on it... (As if...)

They did remove the room phone number from their list, I only received one call.

Imagine getting a call like that as an employee. It had to be Untied, being Chicago and all...


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