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Plane with 28 passengers, crew missing in eastern Russia

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An Antonov An-26 plane with 22 passengers and six crew members, flying from the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to the town of Palana, went missing early Tuesday in the Russian Far East region of Kamchatka, local officials reported. ( Mais...

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sparkie624 0
One thing I really have to read in a crash report is included here... "Both pilots, who were among the dead, were found to have alcohol in their blood" - There is no reason any Alcohol Content being in anyone's blood stream while flying... Even if that was not the cause of the crash, it makes it look much worse and even with another failure they may have been able to have it more controlled and survivable... No Excuse excepted!
Roy Hunte 4
It says missing, now you're talking about a crash. Why not say it crashed?
william baker 2
The wreckage has been found of the plane.
linbb 1
Amazing how quick they found that out.


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