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Airplane skating on black ice

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Beechcraft twin pirouettes on black ice, but pilot artfully masters situation. ( Mais...

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joel wiley 22
7.8, 7.5, 8.0, 7.9, 7.7, and 6.1 from the Russian judge.
Loren Wood 2
Russian Judge? I thought it was the french judge? LOL
Paul Wisgerhof 17
Gets back to an old saying among tail-dragger pilots: you fly the plane all the way to the wheel chocks.
Brian Wilkes 2
Now that's how ya do it!
Sam Di 2
Dude pulled that off just like he meant for it to happen!
john doe 3
A state trooper friend of mine told me once, "Black ice is code-speak for too fast for conditions."
James Simms 1
That’ll get the old heart pumping a little faster.
SmokedChops 1
"Salida Ground? King-Air Cargo, please send out MX with a shop vac....and spare shorts, over" .....Rikhard Vagner's 'Ride of the Valkyries' only ads to the display, hat tip to the editor. They could have just as easily used "Yakety Sax" (Benny Hill Show theme)and sped up the video
SmokedChops 1
the F4F Wildcat adage comes to mind "There are two kinds of Wildcat pilots, those who have ground-looped their plane, and those who are about to.."
Loren Wood 0
I could do a better fish tail in my '74 VW Bug.
william baker 0
Is southwest watching this?? Lol


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