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Norwegian resells 90 A320neo still on order at Airbus

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Oslo - In order to reduce its debt, Norwegian has begun negotiations to sell 90 Airbus A320neo aircraft in its order book waiting to be delivered. Norwegian low-cost carrier wants to sell 90 Airbus A320neo from a previous order that are expected by 2020. The airline has committed to buying 210 aircraft from Boeing and Airbus by 2020. But the debts push the company to get rid of almost half of these aircraft in the order book. ( Mais...

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Jonathan T-Cole 1
Great! Using what you have to get what you don't have!
chalet 1
Yesterday Sept. 10, Richard QUest at CNN interviewed this airlines´CEO who claimed that they are doing just fine and dandy, thank you, that they are not overextending themselves by establishing local cabotage airlines in various foreign countries i.e Argentina and others and that they have scores of aircraft on order to satisfy demand. Well, somebody at their HQ goofed in his or her growth predictions.


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