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‘Electric Air Taxis’ To Begin Testing at Edwards AFB By March ’24

April 26, 2023 | By Greg Hadley “Electric air taxis” are coming to Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., early next year. The Air Force and Joby Aviation announced a deal April 25 through USAF’s Agility Prime program for rapid acquisition. Air Force pilots took command of a Joby electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft for the first time earlier this week, remotely piloting the five-seat airframe through its full flight envelope at the company’s Marina, Calif., facility. The experience was the… ( More...

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rstotz 1
Big advantage over cars. No kids, white semi trucks or traffic lights. Just program it to go to a point and land.
Been doing that for years in small drones. Works fine. With terrain and obstruction avoidance, and of course, some way to clear the landing zone of the above mentioned kids and trucks, it should work.
linbb -1
Will see how this works out as so far self driving cars are not safe and has been proven too. Spending money on things which have very short range and capacity right now is a waste of taxpayer money.
scottiek 2
Autoland seems to be working just fine.


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