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Airbus bribery fallout: Investigations launched worldwide

Fallout from the Airbus bribery scandal reverberated around the world as the head of one of its top buyers temporarily stood down and investigations were launched in countries aggrieved at being dragged into the increasingly political dispute. ( More...

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Greg S 8
I am not excusing bribery at all, but you don't get anywhere in some of these foreign countries without it. I've heard stories from people who did business in Nigeria, and the entire government culture revolves around bribery.

If you want to find out who has committed bribery just in Nigeria alone, simply look for any foreign corporations that are doing business there. For aircraft makers, that includes Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, Dornier, etc. The same bribery culture is probably present in many third-world countries.
Chris B 2
yup. Its just Government officials looking for bribes to close their investigations.
ewrcap 2
It was certainly that way when I worked in Saudi Arabia. Nothing gets done without baksheesh(bribe)!
isardriver 1
very true, and we have shady dealings at home - unfortunately and as the saying goes, money talks and BS walks
Nope, Boeing executives can go to jail for bribes. Airbus it’s just the cost of doing business.
isardriver 2
going to jail yes, if caught, there is a number of questionable tactics going on , although not as blatant or visible elsewhere, the US is better about this issue, but.........., separately, american companies overseas have to "prepare" the road to do business, seen in the middle east all the time
Richard Isbell -4
I see you provided no facts or references to back up your assertions.
ewrcap 2
In the immortal words of Inspector Renault; “I am SHOCKED, SHOCKED!” that there is Bribery and Corruption in our Socialist enterprise!
I wonder if these foreign Governments are really serious about fraud or if they are jumping on the bandwagon in hopes of a settlement similar to what we saw with EU and the US.
Boeing has to abide by the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The Law provides for jail time for executives not just measly fines. Now you know why Airbus get its orders.
Tried to do business in east Europe old Russia ? money talk !
hwh888 0
Greg_S is correct. That is how business is done in 3rd world countries. Most have their hands out expecting something. Some government officials have even been recorded & documented asking for "gifts". Corruption is king, one doesn't have to investigate to deep to find the truth.
Alan Macdonald -6
Looks like the Boeing execs have found something to do while they're not counting the takings. So what exactly is the difference between bribes and Deep discounts.
On the subject of the bribery culture in 3rd world countries, its not necessarily all of them, just those starting with a vowel or a consonant !
ewrcap 5
There is a huge difference between bribes and discounts. Discounts go to the entity buying the goods and are disclosed in the pricing of the contract. Bribes go into the personal pockets of middlemen.
the hobbs 5
The investigation began back in 2017, well before the max issues if that's what you're trying to reference here.

Deep discounts, which is referred to dumping, is also an illegal business practice. If you don't understand cutting a discount off list price versus paying an individual to sway their decision on a contract... Well you would fit into the Airbus culture. I have a feeling there's going to be some openings up there soon...


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