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737 MAX fiasco fallout: Boeing to pay Turkish Airlines $225 million

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Turkish Airlines officials announced today that Turkey’s national flag carrier has reached an agreement with Boeing regarding “financial compensation” for losses incurred by the airline due to grounded and undelivered 737 MAX planes. ( Mais...

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patrick baker 3
might boeing take some of that money out of the over-inflated parachute just used by the recently jetisoned former chairman of the board and CEo of the company, and use that to pay off the turks, in part?
Greg S 1
Since he's also an owner his stock is taking a hit.
Greg S 1
I wonder if anybody has run the numbers to see what the hit would be to Boeing if the MAX is de-certified by the FAA.
Chris B 1
So they ordered 50 Maxes and got two for "free".


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