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Russian Su-33 crashed in the Mediterranean while attempting to land on Kuznetsov aircraft carrier

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Less than three weeks after losing a MiG-29, it looks like the Russian Navy has lost another aircraft during Admiral Kuznetsov operations: a Su-33 Flanker. ( Mais...

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Michael Sheridan 2
Torsten Hoff 1
If true, that is the second aircraft lost to a snapped arresting wire.
joel wiley 2
The squawk article only says it missed the wire. This source indicates the arresting wire failed and it rolled off the deck. Pilot ejected safely and was recovered.
Torsten Hoff 1
From the article linked in the squawk:

>> *Update: the Russian MoD has confirmed the incident. According to an official release the arresting wire snapped and failed to stop the aircraft.

That's the official word and why I said "if true".

The MiG-29K that was lost ran out of fuel while deck crews were trying to fix a snapped arresting wire. Yes, the engines on the MiG died because of fuel starvation, but that wouldn't have happened if the plane had been able to land.


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