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Disconnect: The FAA and the Share Economy

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The FAA last month committed an act of historical revisionism. After decades of repeatedly saying that expense-share flights by private pilots under CFR 61.113(c) were not compensation, the agency reversed itself by declaring they are in fact compensation. This pronouncement eviscerates a provision that for more than 65 years has allowed private pilots to share the costs of fuel with passengers. And it sends a loud and clear message to all would-be technology innovators: Keep away from general… ( Mais...

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Steve1822 10
This is one area I have to agree with FAA legal. The original intent of Part 61.113 in private pilots sharing expenses was between friends and family and before the internet. Word of mouth, posting a note on the bulletin board at your local FBO or flying club was a small, contained situation. Unfortunately we are victims of our own technology and culture. I can see widespread abuse or gaming the intent 61.113 by certain individuals, not to mention the liabily of strangers connecting up with private pilots that may not have the experience required if certain conditions of flight are encountered unexpectedly. This is more of the FAA trying to get a handle on someting that has the potential of being abused on a widespread scale. Putting yourself out there on the internet to attract total strangers to fly with you who may or may not by coincidence be going to the same meeting or destination really tests the concept of for hire or compensation vs. strictly sharing expenses. Not to mention what a total stranger may have in that overnight bag. Just opening up a potential can of worms for GA.


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