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Video Shows a C-17 Globemaster III Flying At Low Altitude Through the Star Wars Canyon – The Aviationist

It’s not the first time a C-17 flies in the “Jedi Transition” but it’s always a pleasure to see the airlifter maneuvering through the Canyon. ( More...

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George Cottay 1
I expected to see something more like the fighter passes but, on second thought, that pass was an impressive display.
lynx318 1
Meh, Luke's womprat record is still safe.
Joe Sumone 3
P-121, used to work that jet at Edwards.
Robert Cowling -2
Yet i remember a quote from my ground school instructor: There are old pilots, and bold pilots, but no old bold pilots. *shrug*
cleonpack93 8
Understandable, except that Star Wars Canyon/Jedi Transition is a commonplace route for military aircraft in that area. You can find compilations of fighters flying in formation through that canyon regularly.
ian mcdonell 3
Classy act - love it


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