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Boeing 747-400 (VH-OEJ) - Wunala gives one final spirited bank over the vast Mojave Desert as her career in the air as her flying career comes to an untimely end.
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Boeing 747-400 (VH-OEJ)

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Wunala gives one final spirited bank over the vast Mojave Desert as her career in the air as her flying career comes to an untimely end.


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John Giambone
Incredible shot! Well Done ZFW!
Brings a tear to my eye. Thank you!
Marco Ronci
pat prendergast
How sad!
Why can't the state governments buy these Jumbo's from Qantas for their Fire Fighting purposes?
Have at least one stationed in each state capital' & train flying crews as required.
Oh, Hang-on, volunteer fighters are not as expensive, silly me!
Peter Sayers
Perfect shot
frank theriault
That is stunning! She'll always be the Queen of the Skies.
Nice shot. The Longreach a 400ER. I flew one from La to Melbourne and from Sydney to La. Sad to see them go.
ken kemper
Best Photo of the Week.......

Incredible !!
Arnold Hauswald
Final flare on a flight to the boneyard. Good picture. Sad day. Wonder if Qantas will retire the 'Spirit of Australia' aircraft name? Perhaps it will transfer to the replacement model? Hopefully.
werner rummens
Perfect shot of this Queen;sad they all will disappear. Loved flying with them.
Andre Kaplicki
Great shot!! Thanks!
France Davis
The Queen showing off her moves one last time...
D Kaufman
But a new 747 was delivered today. A beauty. https://twitter.com/JenSchuld/status/1433513175878537226?s=20
Bart Groeneveld
Fabulous shot! The pilot flying obviously having a good time with the airplane - just beautiful!
One of the best - and perhaps saddest pictures ever of the 747. Excellent capture.
john cook
Fly it like a fighter pilot.
Frank DHooge
Still my Queen
Alan Hume
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!
Beautiful shot, so sad to see them disappear from the skies.
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