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North American F-86 Sabre

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anton berk
Hey guys, vote 5 stars!!
Listed as Canadair CL-13, should it be North American F-86 Sabre?
Beautiful pic of beautiful aircraft.
Leon Kay
Nice photo, although they do appear to be North American F-86F Sabre's
John Rumble
CL-13 F-86 How do you tell the difference?
Don Lynch
What a shot! I just wish there was more of them. Well done.
David Rossbryan
Great planes but with that "FU-" marking I think those are american aircraft.
I think the CL-13 had solid leading edges no slats.
jim gevay
First off, you have to understand that FA has some severe limitations when identifying aircraft. If you type in F-86, it defaults to Canadair CL-13, whether the plane is a CL-13 or not. FA does this on many other aircraft, especially Warbirds.

Second you can't always know what model a plane is by it's paint alone, it could be an actual F model painted in markings of a specific plane in wartime that was an E model. The owner has the choice to paint his plane anyway he decides.

If you did the research on each individual plane in the photo you could identify exactly what model it is. The facts are out there if you choose to invest a little time. That's what I do and I learn something new each time.

Flying lead is a 1953 F-86F, on right wing is a 1948 F-86A, the only surviving A model flying, and on left wing is a Canadair F-86E Mk.6.


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