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Experimental  (N280BH) - Prototype Bell V-280 VALOR up on the test pedestal at Bell Helicopter Plant in Amarillo, TX
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Experimental (N280BH)

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Prototype Bell V-280 VALOR up on the test pedestal at Bell Helicopter Plant in Amarillo, TX


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Alan Brown
Interesting looking helicopter. Twin engines and twin rotors are not new, but the lack of a tail rotor is a new idea.
Frank MurphyPhoto Uploader
The engine pod does not flip with rotors like it does on the V-22...it appears just the rotors change position
Tim Marks
The H-21 Piasecki, the CH-57 Chinook and HH-43 Huskie helicopters were all dual rotors with no tail rotor developed in the 1950s. The Piasecki and Chinook with opposing rotors and the Huskie with intermeshing rotors. The Soviets developed several coaxial dual rotor helicopters during the same time period. In fact, the largest heavy lift helicopter ever produced, the Mi-12, was a dual rotor aircraft built by the Soviets. The lack of a tail rotor is actually an old idea.
Alan Brown. Actually Twin Rotor helicopters were flown without tail rotors before world War Two https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Focke-Wulf_Fw_61
This just looks like Bells equivalent to the V22 Osprey.
Philip Hicks
The Bristol 173 designed by Raoul Hafner was also a twin rotor / twin engine helicopter, it first flew on January 3rd 1952. Later development for the RAF was called the 'Belvedere. 26 Belvederes were built. As an engineering apprentice at Bristol Aero Engines Ltd. [ circa late 1950's ] I saw the gear boxes for this helicopter being tested.
Philip Hicks
Further to my previous note about twin rotor Bristol helicopters both the B172 and the later B192 Belvedere were powered by - 2 × Alvis Leonides Major air-cooled 14-cylinder radial, 550 hp (410 kW) each
Philip Hicks
My apologies but on further research I found that the B192 Belvederes were in fact powered with much more grunt by - 2 × Napier Gazelle turboshaft, 1,465 hp (1,092 kW) each. Memories of an apprenticeship so many years ago are always a bit cloudy!
If the old Bonanza made a helicopter it would look like this.
Chuck Accurso
On this model the engines do not rotate like the V22 Osprey. Notice the props swivel but the engines remain stationery
Chris Hicks
Seems to be so much that can go wrong here.
marylou anderson
looks like an OSPREY--in black!
Two Rotor helicopters need no "tail rotor".
Jim Costello
The Ultimate manned Drone! Rescue Military use Long range, high speed with fast vertical lift. What armaments? Snatch and grab missions in the Middle East?
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