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Kobe Hunte
Surprised that thing still flies!
that has to be pretty old...

Nice pic tho!
James Driskell
Good ol' Iron Anne
John mcGeoghan
Once had the privilege to ride in one of these at Jersey airport 5 years agoish. Three things struck me the noise, the huge wingspan and the narrow passenger cabin. Awesome.
John Rumble
I've been on it too
If you get the chance do it .
A glimpse into history
Good flying shots in "Where Eagles Dare".
Doug Cook
Is this a copy/relative of Ford Tri-motor?
David Seider
@Doug Cook - the only things that the Ford Tri-Motor and the Ju-52 have in common is the number of engines and the corrugated skin.
Tim Segulin
"...copy/relative of Ford Tri-motor?"
Hardly! The overall high wing tri motor concept was apparently "borrowed" from the famous Fokker Tri-motors of the time (Charles Kingsford-Smith flew one across the Pacific in 1927) and the corrugated duralumin ciinstruction was "borrowed" from Junkers, who sued Ford over it.

A beautiful picture of a grand old lady!
Arnold Hauswald
One of my favorites. Classic. They don't make 'em like this anymore. Didn't this exact plane just complete a friendship tour through the U.S.?
pep perello
este era el avión del cual yo saltaba cuando el servicio militar en Españadel 1961 al 1963 pero solo 12 saltos..teniamos pocos aviones en Jerez de la frontera...
Andres Bustamante
Very nice
Kevin Haiduk
Absolutely beautiful!
Robert Ernst
This JU 52 was flying from Switzerland to Oshkos, across the US and back to Switzerland. Ill fate, it had a Total crash in the Mountains. Noboy survived and as Result of the Failure finding are since then all activities with JU 52 in Switzerlsnd stopped until all the found Corrosion and other Issues are solved. Sad Day, I knew nearly the whole Crew personally and we had a good Time in Oshkosh. Jeff Skiles was part of the Team who brought the Lady back to Switzerlan. Report to find in EAA`Sport Aviation
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