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Hawker Hunter (VH-RHO)

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Ready to fly - 9th July 2004


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Jim Quinn
One of my two favorites when I was a kid: The Hawker Hunter and the English Electric Lightning.
John moffitt
I also well remember as a kid the RAF V bombers: Victor, Valiant and Vulcan
My favourited also included the Vampire.
I agree with Jim the Hunter and Lightning were also favourites.
Henk Stok
Hawker Hunter T7.
Peter Sayers
Had them in the RCAF early 50's, The widow maker. Vampire
Tim Pacan
Peter - I thought the widowmaker was the CF-104 Starfighter
John Rumble
Love those 50's jets like this and the F-86
Such clean lines, aerodynamic works of art
John Barson
When I was stationed as the US Army Research Exchange Office at the Royal Air Force Institute of Aviation Medicine at Farnborough (1989-1992) we had a Hunter dual seat we used for research. I flew is several times. Our research pilot, Terry Adcock, called it a Gentleman's Airplane. My only problem with it was that I have a tall sitting height and when seated with the canopy down the top of my helmet had about a half inch of clearance. This made it difficult for me to do a split 'S' because I could not look up, so I would just barrel roll through the sky trying to see the ground. It also present problems with pinning the non-zero-zero Martin Baker Ejection Seat. I just could not bend over to pin it with the canopy down so I always landed with a hot seat. Fortunately, it never went off. Great airplane to fly.
Douglas Miles
Thank you for the wonderful story John Barson, I'm sure the other few non flyers among the ranks here also appreciate hearing the wonderful stories told by the well seasoned pilots and aviators. They help us admire and appreciate the dedication and desire to preform at the levels needed to pilot these wonderful machines.
Andre Blanchard
5+ stars
Deseja um histórico completo para VH-RHO a partir de 1998? Compre agora. Comece dentro de uma hora.
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