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Douglas DC-3 (C-FQHY) - Braving the cold at Basler Turbo Conversions. br /br /"I hope I get to keep radials and my good looks they all say".....
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Douglas DC-3 (C-FQHY)

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Braving the cold at Basler Turbo Conversions.

"I hope I get to keep radials and my good looks they all say".....


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Gary Schenauer
Absolutely AMAZING!! A field full of "Senior Citizen" prop paxbirds. This is an old timer's idea of propliner heaven. This is one graveyard I'd gladly knock down the gate to get into. *****+++++
ken kemperPhoto Uploader

Basler Turbo retrofits a number of the DC-3's with the Canadian built Pratt & Whitney PT6A- 67R Turbo. Gives the aircraft a leap on performance and range.

Some of the other more historic DC-3's get the classic radials.

Basler is about 20 miles from my home in Appleton.
Performance might be enhanced but nothing, nothing at all can replace the celestial sound of good ole R-1830-92 piston radials.
ken kemperPhoto Uploader

That is most correct. Well said !!
Peter Sayers
DC-3 Graveyard, Sad to see
Fred Ogden
I like the one in the far corner of the lot with the invasion stripes! Cool photo all around. Aluminum soul.
George Hall
Being a DC-3 enthusiast, this is so sad to see the once queen of the sky's in the conditions they are in. It appears the one in the photo closest to the photographer has had it's wings removed from the fuselage. If these birds are getting turbo prop conversions, it will extend the cowlings and will no longer look like the classic DC-3.
John Gerty
This is not a boneyard. This is Basler, right there at Oshkosh and these Gooney birds are going to a new lease on life.
serge LOTH
Just as far as I see the comments , I m not the only one who like classic music of the radials..
john doe
People are still using these birds for practical purposes in quantities that justify a program dedicated to "performance" conversions? [scratches head]
Love the sound when they fly over, but if I were to fly one, I want the Basler conversion...
John Doe,
Gooney-birds are still workhorses! Before the last one dies someone may very well manufacture more.
a mentor
... like the 1954 C-130
......Since its first flight in 1954, the Hercules has been everywhere and done just about anything.
STILL in new production. WOW
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