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Boeing 727-100 (N30MP)

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The Jonas Brothers arriving for a performance in Boston!


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Beautiful airplane 👍
Robert Dickey
Don't care for the PAX, but I LOVE the aircraft
Michael Wulfsohn
Not many 727-100s still flying. Nice pic!
Allan Jones
Love these aircraft, this is a great one.
Will FPhoto Uploader
Thanks everyone!
That 727 is based in Chino (KCNO)and chartered by the band for a couple months. They have given tours of the inside during the Chino Airshow donating money to charity. Video of the inside can be found on YouTube.
It would be very interesting to know the fuel burn of each aircraft shown, lots of research required for that though.
Spencer Hoefer
This and VP-BAP are the only two -100's I know that are still flying. I'm sure they have had an avionics overhaul to keep up with modern standards in aviation. An ADS-B conversion probably costs a fortune on an airframe this old.
Francesco Morchio
My first flight was on a 727-100 like this.
I was young then.
I flew from Milan to Barcelona on an Alitalia flight.
I will never forget the sense of safety and comfort I had.
Will FPhoto Uploader
Sorry for not getting back to you guys. Some very interesting facts and awesome to hear about you flying on one. @James Indeed it would, kinda want to see it myself


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