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Louis J Curcio
Reminds me of the P-38
Don Goodenough
I remember having a similar model when I was a kid, and I think it was nick named "the flying Box car"
Very similar to the C-119 Flying Boxcar Don mentioned. I think I had the same model.
David Seider
Nord Aviation "Noratlas"
roland pfeifer
Like Louis said. Looks like a P 38 Only bigger
This appears to be a Nord Noratlas - French origin, produced 1949-1961. It was designed to replace the older WWII vintage C-47s and Ju-52s. It competed for the french military contract against the Fairchild C-82 Packet, which was the predecessor to the C-119 Flying Boxcar.

Cool picture too I might add!
A workhorse for the Portuguese military during their long colonial wars in Africa.
Hugh Somsen
As a kid, I used to love watching the Flying Boxcars come out of Los Alamitos NAS or was that Long Beach. They always intrigued me. Thanks!
Claude Suire
Actual registration is F-AZVM.
Only airworthy N2501 "Noratlas", maintained and operated by "Le Noratlas de Provence" association.
Homebase is Marseille Provence airport.
Allan Bowman
The C119 was the first aircraft I flew in, think it was 1959. I've only seen one since, a derelict in the Tuscon air museum.
sam kuminecz
Allan there is a C-119G they planning on restoring to airworthy condition at D52, geneseo NY
It was my first flight ever, when I was on board a German Airforce "Nora" on flight route from "Füsty" (Fuerstenfeldbruck) to "Deci" (Decimomannu) back in 1970! We were Officer Cadets on our way to a sea survival training at Sardinia Island. This beautiful aircraft is always on my mind since then!
Peter Maas
Don Goodenough is correct. It is a C-119 "Flying Box car". This aircraft was developed from the C-82 Fairchild. I am a U.S. Air Force Veteran and have been to multiple Military Airfields in the Pacific. Tachikawa Airport (civilian) in Japan as well as Yokota Airbase , Anderson A.F.B. Guam , Hickam A.F.B. Honolulu ,Wake Island, Johnson Island . Every one of the locatons used the C-119. We always kidded that aircraft as the most ugliest plane on the flight line. But it did it's job. 1051 were built and was used during the Vietnam War.
Jean-Pierre MARTINROCHEPhoto Uploader
Nord N-2501 Noratlas (Association le Nord de Provence)
Compare the windows and the upper fuselage to a C-119. It definitely is a Nord Aviation "Noratlas".
Google c-119 and compare images.
Good wisdom by those who stated - Nord 2501 Noratlas - I flew the C119 in the '60s and it was as exciting as taking a dump in the woods and some idiot turns the car lights on you. The cockpit on the Nord was an upgrade compared to the C119. The French did the "Flying Box Car" -- beautifully.
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