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Antonov Antheus (UR-82060)

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Kostiantyn Poliakov
This is Antonov Mriya (AN-225), not a turboprop AN-22
( https://flightaware.com/photos/view/9725291-859d1c5f24b46ff163e9acbfbfb8bbdcc3153d62/aircrafttype/AN22/ )
ken kemper

Wonderful Capture
Leander Williams
I can confirm that this is NOT an AN-22 [Unless you inadvertently forgot the 5]. I first saw this beast in the late 80s or early 90s when it came to KOAK. If you think it looks huge in this picture, imagine seeing it close up. It is very light on its' feet when landing and smooth taking off.. They had to do a runway sweep of runway 29 after it landed. It was there again in 2018 but I missed the arrival by a couple of hours. I wish they would stop talking about it and finish the second one that is ready to go but is not fully assembled.
You should have caught this flightaware......
a mentor
psst; FA catches very little factual errors :sigh:
Nothing else quite like it!!
Martin Allan
Saw this flying over my house after taking off from Doncaster Robin Hood airport a couple of times. Each time I think its flying low but Flightradar24 shows it's at about 2,500ft. It's so big I thought it was about 500ft!
It's fairly quiet and very impressive to watch doesn't look "lumbering" but graceful & smooth in flight. Lots of info & clips on U-tube well worth a look see. Nice piece of engineering design.
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