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Boeing 707-100 — - TAN SON NHUT AIR BASE, SAIGON, VIETNAM 1966 PAN AM Boeing 707 taxing to the ramp
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Boeing 707-100 —

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TAN SON NHUT AIR BASE, SAIGON, VIETNAM 1966 PAN AM Boeing 707 taxing to the ramp


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WOW, brings back lot of memories. Pan Am both ways for me. Later I was stationed on Wake Island flying 135's filming reentry of war heads fired from Vandenburg to Kwajalein. Seems everyday there was a Pan Am 707 refueling at Wake Island on their way to and from SEA. Thanks great photo with lots and lots of memories.
Al Bauer
Same here with the memories. Flew Pam Am there and Continental Home. 1964-65
James Fassinger
The first time I was on one was 1963 coming from Hawaii with my parents after 3 years in Japan and my Dad in Thailand doing Top Secret work behind the GREEN DOOR. They still do it today and that's when the US found out about the Planes in the Jungle in South VIET NAM in 1962. We sent troops in after that in 64 as Advisers to the Government and that's when ALL HELL BROKE LOSE>
My Pops was at Tan Son Nhut when this picture was taken. He was one of the photo interpreters that put together strike packages for the fighter/bombers stationed there and elsewhere. The following year, he was given orders to Japan where our family met him for a 3 year tour where he still worked on packages for the squadrons in 'Nam.
Richard Myers
I always love the stories the pictures of these great old birds bring out
of the past.
SAM PIERCEPhoto Uploader
Thanks to everyone for the views, votes and comments, they are appreciated.
Alexander Viduetsky
Sam, thanks a lot for your very kind comment on my photos. It's greatly appreciated!


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