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airport overview


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Excellent shot!
Dwight Hartje
This is SO Cool!
Phil Brooks
whoa- when did they build that bridge? I haven't been there in almost three years. That must cut the time to drive to Marigot down by 90 percent!
Mark Albrecht
Outstanding photo. It appears to be a time-lapse. How long was the shutter open?
gwapo santa
great work
Fidel Mendez
Outstanding shot!
Robert Ferrell
Nice composition and color blocking.
Richard Ashley
Magnificent Photograph!
What camera, lens, exposure & ISO combination?
Really great
Outstanding job!!!
Kurt Anderson
It is definitely a time lapse but still an excellent photo. Why only a 4.83? Come on people, I have seen 5.0's that were not nearly this good. What's up with you people?
stefano montano
Walter Zamorano
Awesome shot Dekker
This looks gorgeous.
Dan Little
Spectacular! Thanks for posting.
Erik Lietaert
nice dreem vue
Mathias Böttcher
Gonzalo Leiva
Supreme capture
Andres Bustamante
Very nice
Awesome photo!
How do I make it my Flightaware homepage background?
You used to be able to have a slideshow on the homepage, now it just shows some ads.
Grant Bush
What type of picture is this what is the style?
José Martínez
Una foto preciosa.
Ira Hargis
Where is this airport?
Milton Bagby
I finally saw this incredible shot. Certainly one of the best airport photos submitted to FA. Well done sir!


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