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Boeing B-29 Superfortress

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Fifi B-29 turning and burning at this year's Barksdale airshow.


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Eric Shepherd
Nice shot!
John Winters
Beautiful 29, can't wait to see Doc & Fifi together in the sky.
Dwight Hartje
Super Superfortress!!
Jim Quinn
Good shooting, Joseph! Nice exposure and composure... I live about 65 miles west of Barksdale and saw Fifi on the decent into the Shreveport area and again homeward bound. Wonderful photo.
Dr John Quinn
How beautiful! My late father trained flight engineers on these in San Angelo, Texas during the War!
Joseph CilibertiPhoto Uploader
Thanks Jim Quinn. The wx conditions were awful at that time but man I was glad the show was taking place. I was there the previous day (Fri) and it was almost a sure bet that the show would be canx for the Sat as the forecast showed thundery showers all thru the day. Luckily, it started off cloudy but was followed by glorious sunshine by noon.
Al Bauer
Strange that this picture would be on here today. Last night I watched the movie Enola Gay for the umpteenth time.
Mark Lansdell
I thought I read that a 2nd B29 would be airworthy a year or so ago.I see a reference to Doc below in another post. Any more information for anyone?
Mark Lansdell
Great shot. Wonderful angle.
Lucius Gravely
My father-in-law flew these in Korea. Never talked about the death part-only about flying the plane itself. Always wished I had asked him more questions about all the heavies he flew from B-24s, DC-3s, B-36s, B-47s and others.
Michael Flanagan
What do U figure the Japanese see in the B-29? These are Instruments of war. They are built For one thing, To "Kill people and break things". I love to see these war Birds fly and in Museums as much as the next guy but it is necessary to keep in mind for what they and their successors were created for, lest we continue to have to use their successors for what they were created. Think what the world would be today if or former enemeys had these weapons. English would most certainly been the most dominate language in the world..
Joseph CilibertiPhoto Uploader
@ Michael Flanagan: That's because Good Prevails. Sometimes it takes longer, but in the end it prevails. 'Peace through Strength' and 'Good Prevails'
The B-29, B-1, B-52, B-2 and the new B-21 will ensure that the bad guys think more than twice before taking on a force for good.
Tom Vance
A relative, now passed away was a navigator on B-29s out of the Island of Tinian in the Pacific Ocean during the WWII fire bombing runs to Japan, and their whole group of B-29's were followed on one raid by a "Foo Fighter" or a UFO in present day terms. Most of the men he talked to after returning from the raids said they new it wasn't a Japanese fighter because 1) all of the Japanese planes that usually attacked them before this did not glow, 2) they fired bullets at each other and the gunners could clearly see the planes markings. The dull orange glow of the Foo Fighters was always just that - all of the crews were told to remain silent on the radio when observing these lights - strange stuff & stories.
Jason Belanger
What a great shot of FiFi. I saw her last year in DC flying above the Mall. This shot shows us all how pretty she really is. Thanks!


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