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Antonov An-74-200 (UR-CKC)
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Antonov An-74-200 (UR-CKC)

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Alan Brown
Nice photo! First time I have seen this aircraft. Interesting look.
Ronnie B.
Very cool.
This kind of reminds me of a Dash 8 or an ATR with Fan Engines vs Props! Wonder how well it does on short fields?
Paul Wisgerhof
CAVOK's web site says this is an AN-74TK-100. Take-off and landing distances don't seem to be available. There is a Youtube posting of a very short take-off from Basel, Switzerland, airport.
Yvon Dionne
Nice photo but one ugly airplane!!
Colin Seftel
The engines are positioned to make use of the Coandă effect which improves STOL performance, utilizing engine exhaust blown over the wing's upper surface to boost lift. Another advantage of the high engine mounts is the ability to operate to and from low grade airstrips such as concrete, pebble, ice and snow. The design is similar to the American YC-14, a prototype built by Boeing in the 70s.
The Russian nickname for the plane is "Cheburashka" because the large engine intake ducts resemble the oversized ears of the popular Soviet animated character of the same name.
Paul Wisgerhof, AN-74TH-100 is stenciled under the window

Antonov spec. 1800m runway
Reminds me of the Boeing YC-14
CAVOK= ceiling and visibility OK...good weather
Chris Knowles
Saw it at MYNN a while back
Sandy Sandmire
Nice Photo!..Ugly aircraft!
Andy Power
Agree with the "ugly" comments!
Seems as though someone installed the wings and engine upside down !
Seems as though someone installed the wings and engine upside down !
Chuck Pergiel
Beauty is as beauty does. I wonder how it would work with floats?
Jim Smith
Impressive specs on their website. Built for the high Arctic.
Claude Picard
Built with this particular morphology for...? Very nice picture indeed.
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