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FAIRCHILD HILLER FH-227 (N2703J) - Fairchild F-27 (N2703J) at KBWI (Then known as Friendship International Airport)
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Fairchild F-27 (N2703J) at KBWI (Then known as Friendship International Airport)


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Mark Thomas
Nice shot!
skyhawkrgPhoto Uploader
Most of my photos posted here are scans of high speed (ASA-400)35 mm film which accounts for the graininess.
Looking at the service vehicles in the background has me thinking this one is from the mid to late 1960's.
skyhawkrgPhoto Uploader
cliff731, that would be in the correct time period. As I said, the airport was still known as 'Freindship Internationaal Airport' Unfortunatly, I don't know the exact dates of most of my pictures.
Skyhawkrg, I have some 35mm negatives and positives from the same era... and it would also be quite impossible to affix a precise year on one. Irregardless the year, this photo remains as a very exemplary composition and subject. In short, it was good then... it's good today. Thanks for sharing it with us!
skyhawkrgPhoto Uploader
Cliff731 - : Thanks for the complement. I'm trying to get my scanner working to have some posts available
Skyhawkrg - You're welcome. We will certainly look forward to your new posts!
skyhawkrgPhoto Uploader
1000 views in 5 months. Thanks to all who took time to view, and thanks to those who voted.

Skyhawkrg, the aircraft in the background sure does look like a Martin 4-0-4 in Piedmont Airlines livery.
sam kuminecz
Friendship airport with a fokker friendship...can't get any better
skyhawkrgPhoto Uploader
I believe you're correct. The horizontal stabilizers have dihedral,(Convair's are flat). and the tail sure looks like Piedmont of that era. I never really took the time to puzzle that out before, so thanks for the nudge.
The F-27 pictured is a Fairchild F-27. Fokkers had Pitot Tubes on the wing-tips. Subtle differences between the two...
Thanks, Skyhawkrg... and the paint livery "correlated" to photos I've seen of Piedmont's Martin 4-0-4 airliners from that era... not to mention what appeared to be the "404" at the top of the vertical stabilizer!
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