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Boeing 757 modified for use as flying F-22 Avionics Testbed.


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Superb composition shot and treatment ! Where's the 6th Star Button?
Roy Hunte
Have to request it in the discussions. :-D
Greg Byington
Yeah, that is a cool shot!
Dave Sheehy
Fantastic John! 5*+++
John Winters
757 "catfish" wearing conards, what's next?
Are yall saying that this thing is actually going to fly? " Flying F-22 Test bed"
Dwight Hartje
Looks like a star destroyer or something like that!!! Love it!!!
Roy Hunte
Correction, it has flown!
Terence Rucker
I remember the first time I saw this airplane in flight overhead (I live near Boeing Field) I was WTF is that? It was obviously a 757 but with strange canards in front. It wasn't until a few months later, when I saw the plane parked near the Museum of Flight that the purpose became apparent. The shape of the composite nose gives it away. Nice shot of an unusual plane.
Weird, amazing, great shot!
Very very nice shot John!
Bob Plested
NA001, the first of the fleet.
Christopher Potts
Immagine that creeping up behind you in the dark and tapping you on the shoulder :-)


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