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Boeing 727-100 (N30MP)

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Yes, it's got some heat interference. Yes, it isn't in flight. However, how could I not put her up here for posterity? Though I missed the landing, this classic 727 - originally built for Pan Am - is now a cushy bird, flying the Jonas Brothers around. I was the only girl at the airport that was there for the plane only. Oh well. (Note the feds and their 734 loading prisoners beside them!) From the RDU parking deck, 8/14/19.


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Flying on on the Ground... The 727 is the Prettiest one around and always has been... Great Pic!
Savannah FordPhoto Uploader
Thanks! They even speed while they're parked, huh? The 727 is second to none.
ian mcdonell
Well done Savvanah - nice bird
Love me some 727! Nice to see they still have a few flying.
Love pictures of these. My first jet ride back in the day. That plane has definitely aged better than I have.
Nice. Our airline ran them in 10/95 seating. Fast with dash nines.
A favorite for many years-Beautiful too.
Savannah FordPhoto Uploader
Thanks, guys - it was a privilege just to see her.
Nice! My dad flew that airplane all over the world back when it was N109HT.
Savannah FordPhoto Uploader
Whoa! Too cool! :D
Tom Williams
Noisy Bird, but loved the Delta ones and American ones. Flew both often in the 70's, 80's and early 90's. Miss them!
Will F
Love it! Caught her in Boston
willim spencer
Always nice to see a classic.


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