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Boeing 757-200 (N14106)

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N14106, a United B757 wearing UA's "Her Art Here - California Livery" special paint scheme, is taxiing away from United's terminal at SFO to depart for a flight to Newark Liberty International (KEWR).


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
An excellent tribute to lady artists in the Golden State. The sunglasses around the cockpit windows are truly unique.
Gavin Hughes
Superb - livery and photo.
Darryl Sarno
Congrats on getting this beauty Gary! Also the photo is enhanced with the other United Aircraft, hangar and of course the mountain scenery really add to the photo! 5 *'s and more!
Dwight Hartje
Fantastic catch of this beautiful aircraft! Sad to see the United fleet parked behind this aircraft.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Howdy, Darryl. I appreciate your comments. And I see that KBOS is spooling right back up to full speed air traffic again. You, Dave S, and John M are so fortunate to have Logan so close by. SFO is working its way back to super-busy again too, but I'm a bit too far away to be there very often. I had just decided to take another flight from Reno to SFO again later this month, but the phone rang here a couple hours ago and it was lucky for me that I had not booked the flight yet because now I'll be going elsewhere this month. So I'm thinking SFO in mid August now. I'm trying to get caught up on pics you've posted -- I'm waaay behind on viewing the newest posts of everyone I follow (you, Gavin, Alien, Dave, John M., rwb, Ken K, Dwight, Fiona, etc., etc.) so I'll sign off now. Keep your batteries charged and your shutter snappin', my friend. (Thumbs Up)
Tom Vance
Great Calendar photo Gman! Awesome SFO shots and 2500 pics is Top Photographer. That would be a slide show! wow x5 x5 x5 for the pic/2500 pics and returning later
Robert Cowling
I love this paint job, but it would be funnier if it were on an A350. I still chuckle at the eye mask they seem to have.

Plus I'm a sucker for palm trees. (I once found a 'palm tree' for sale on ebay. It wasn't a real palm tree, but it had LED lighting, and the person priced it right. Then I saw that it was over 12 feet tall, and the 'back story' popped into my head. The posting there had what looked like catalog pictures. I can imagine the purchaser bought the 'palm tree' and thought that it was 'perfect' for their patio. But it's HUGE! Like HHHUUUGGGEEE!!! Shipping was OUT OF SIGHT for the ebay posting!

I can only imagine.

I priced a 'palm tree' from a company once, and it was billed as 'life like', and 'award winning'. So I was excited. A 'realistic palm tree'! That took a crane to install. 'Footings' 2 feet into solid concrete, with 3/4" bolts. Sorry for the tangent, but, gravity SUCKS!!! I aborted the 'palm tree project'. I was crushed) So I love palm trees. Painted. Yikes.
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Data Aeronave Origem Destino Partida Chegada Duração
12 de Ago de 2020 B752Int'l de Newark ()Int'l de São Francisco () 14:50 EDT 17:40 PDT Programado
12 de Ago de 2020 B752Int'l de Orlando ()Int'l de Newark () 11:05 EDT 13:26 EDT Programado
11 de Ago de 2020 B752Int'l de Newark ()Int'l de Orlando () 18:39 EDT 20:39 EDT 1:59
11 de Ago de 2020 B752Int'l de Denver ()Int'l de Newark () 09:52 MDT 14:56 EDT 3:03
11 de Ago de 2020 B752Int'l O'Hare ()Int'l de Denver () 07:13 CDT 08:18 MDT 2:04
10 de Ago de 2020 B752Int'l de São Francisco ()Int'l O'Hare () 13:41 PDT 19:15 CDT 3:33
7 de Ago de 2020 B752Int'l O'Hare ()Int'l de São Francisco () 11:16 CDT 13:14 PDT 3:57
5 de Ago de 2020 B752Int'l de São Francisco ()Int'l O'Hare () 13:08 PDT 18:44 CDT 3:35
5 de Ago de 2020 B752Int'l O'Hare ()Int'l de São Francisco () 07:15 CDT 09:21 PDT 4:05
4 de Ago de 2020 B752Int'l de São Francisco ()Int'l O'Hare () 10:52 PDT 16:24 CDT 3:31
1 de Ago de 2020 B752Int'l de Newark ()Int'l de São Francisco () 14:48 EDT 17:26 PDT 5:37
1 de Ago de 2020 B752Int'l de Orlando ()Int'l de Newark () 11:08 EDT 13:17 EDT 2:08
31 de Jul de 2020 B752Int'l de Newark ()Int'l de Orlando () 18:55 EDT 21:03 EDT 2:07
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