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San Francisco International.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Fabulous airport; fabulous people working in it. Not just one but TWO observation decks (not very many major US airports deliberately provide THAT feature on their grounds), and four absolutely SUPERB off-airport spotting positions. Plus, more than a dozen locations in-terminal from which photographs can be snapped. Recently, after an early morning flight from Reno (FREE - courtesy of United), I enjoyed a full day of spotting at this wonderful airport (which included an escorted air side tour and photo op) and then flew back to Reno (again FREE - again courtesy of UA) in the evening. And don't let anyone say that the international airlines aren't flying during this COVID crisis -- the frequency of flights IS reduced but there were plenty of international airlines visiting SFO on the day I was there; enough that I clicked over 2500 pics. Man, the Bay Area aviation spotters are so fortunate to have this awesome airport for their "photo playground." Fantastic airport!!
Dwight Hartje
Fantastic overview shot of SFO, man! SFO is a special airport to spot at and defiantly on my bucket list of airports to visit.
Gavin Hughes
Fantastic view, and thanks for the story. Interesting so many flights in/out. I assume from your comment that these would be pax flights too, unlike here at the moment where, mostly, internats are pax aircraft carrying cargo only.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Dwight .... TYVM. (Wave) Gavin .... Yessir. All except a China Airlines Cargo B744 and an Amazon Air Boeing were pax flights. It was so busy that I had intended to pay a return visit later this month (at my own expense) but just over two hours ago I was contacted and offered another one-day trip on an aviation agency's dime so I'm putting off a return trip to SFO til mid August. And also, while I'm logged in here and replying .... the Reno Air Races are cancelled for this year. I'll certainly miss the event, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to fill my calendar with visits to airports around NV, CA, and OR (maybe even another freebie trip - fingers crossed).
Tom Vance
Calendar Pic Gman!! The building far right lower corner is the new long term parking structure and I visit here each SFO Airliner Collectible Show all day the Friday before. I park atop the top floor and one can see the whole 28LR approach plus 1LR departure traffic. They were even nice enough to put restroom on the bottom floor open to the public. Though the SFO airliner collectible show will probably be cancelled Sept 2020 ( on FB) , I'm waiting to hear the official work from our Director. Otherwise if we are open, make your trip Sept 2020 as I'll be down there the 21st if we are open.


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