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Bombardier Challenger 300 (N300LV) - Just off 16L headed for KMDW (Chicago Midway).
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Bombardier Challenger 300 (N300LV)

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Just off 16L headed for KMDW (Chicago Midway).


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Super looking Challenger. It is based here so there are plenty of opportunities to click pics of it.
Gavin Hughes
Opportunities yes, but you still want to make a good or different or interesting shot. This fits all three and again, jealous of your opportunities.
ken kemper
Gary Beautiful pic of a 300........

I see glad you got to see some snow 2 weeks ago.

Rainy and cold today in Appleton / Mid 50's next week.

Stay healthy in NV !! Enjoy your non social weekend.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hi again, Ken.
One last bit of snowfall two nights ago so I had one final opportunity for winter pics. I got to the airport at 5:05 AM yesterday. Passenger wise, it was a ghost town; but all gates had a/c so I was finally able to get some different and distinctive shots (ie: some deicing shots similar to yours, etc.). I felt bad for the few pax on a couple of the commercial planes. The daily early AM Delta flight to SLC was delayed due to flow times into Salt Lake because of the earthquake there; then it finally looked like it was going to get a slot to land there; it boarded and taxied, then SLC implemented a ten-flight-per hour maximum so the Delta flow-go was cancelled. So the pilot decided to return to the gate but as it was taxiing back the tower contacted him and asked if he could be "wheels off" in NLT four minutes. The Delta spun back toward 16R and taxied so fast I thought he was going to rotate off of Alpha (j/k). He was spooling up even as he was beginning the turn from Alpha on to 16R and he was rolling fast as he completed the turn. The tower told him he was "wheels off" with 25 seconds to spare. Another flight, a Southwest, was taxiing and the tower asked how many pax he had on board. He replied, "Two." I have no doubt SW cancelled that route by yesterday afternoon. Our lone B757 route, a Delta to Atlanta, is no more. An Allegiant arrived from KLAS early AM and was supposed to return there 75 minutes later. Instead, it sat and sat and finally departed back in midafternoon. Not an equipment issue; it was because the KLAS tower had to close for awhile because some of their personnel tested positive and could not come to work. I was out on the RNO grounds and I also went to 12 of the spotting positions around the outside perimeter and I saw no one. Our spotters group cancelled a planned spotting get-together for next week in CA because the guys there decided to barricade themselves at home. But .... at least I got some winter clicks here. (Grim grin) TY for the compli, Ken. Best of wishes back at you. (Thumbs Up)
Great details Gary, as usual. Thumbs up!
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Data Aeronave Origem Destino Partida Chegada Duração
3 de Ago de 2021 CL30Reno/Tahoe Intl ()San Jose Int'l () 16:14 PDT 16:53 PDT Programado
1 de Ago de 2021 CL30Longview Ranch ()Reno/Tahoe Intl () 10:15 PDT 11:04 PDT 0:49
30 de Jul de 2021 CL30Reno/Tahoe Intl ()Longview Ranch () 14:44 PDT 15:35 PDT (?) 0:50
29 de Jul de 2021 CL30Kenosha Rgnl ()Reno/Tahoe Intl () 11:23 CDT 12:49 PDT 3:26
28 de Jul de 2021 CL30Chicago Exec ()Kenosha Rgnl () 12:53 CDT 13:04 CDT 0:10
28 de Jul de 2021 CL30Reno/Tahoe Intl ()Chicago Exec () 06:52 PDT 12:10 CDT 3:17
23 de Jul de 2021 CL30Carson City ()Reno/Tahoe Intl () 12:05 PDT 12:28 PDT 0:23
23 de Jul de 2021 CL30Longview Ranch ()Carson City () 10:37 PDT 11:32 PDT 0:55
23 de Jul de 2021 CL30Reno/Tahoe Intl ()Longview Ranch () 07:33 PDT 08:24 PDT (?) 0:50
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