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BOEING 777-300 (VT-ALO) - The gear is in transit to the wells as Air India's VT-ALO, a Boeing 777-300ER, climbs away from SFO's Runway 28L for a trip to Indira Gandhi International (VIDP).
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BOEING 777-300 (VT-ALO)

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The gear is in transit to the wells as Air India's VT-ALO, a Boeing 777-300ER, climbs away from SFO's Runway 28L for a trip to Indira Gandhi International (VIDP).


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
This old bird is showing its age. I was happy to get my first-ever catch of an AIC fleetbird, but I guess I'm so used to seeing fresh and "lively" liveries in which the colors "pop" that the paint on this one struck me as being faded and a bit shabby looking. But then, when I look in a mirror, the guy I see in it is looking rather old and faded too. But all the equipment still works, so as long as the same is true of the equipment on this Air India B773, then that's the most important factor for both it and the old timer looking back at me from the mirror. lol
Dwight Hartje
Great shot! Yeah, this was one of the early 777-300ER delivered sometime around 15 years ago.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hi, Dwight. TY for the compli. And I've just been contacted and told that VT-ALO was actually in storage in Bombay for quite a while. Not confirmed, but one guess is that Air India might have put it back in Active status when the virus caused the severe reduction in passenger traffic. Perhaps AIC decided to fly the fewer pax in an old equipment bird until the virus crisis subsides and then put it back in storage. That's just a guess. Anyway, it was neat to capture an Air India paint. (Wave)
Dwight Hartje
Ah, that could explain a lot. Thanks for your response.
Gavin Hughes
Looks as if there's hardly even a sheen on it let alone shine but you managed to score a pic of something that possibly may not be seen too much in the future. However, these are different times we're living in and who knows.
Tom Vance
5x I have a similar photo same area from a gas station - ALO is a regular visitor to SFO and as a side note, I have a photo of -ALO at Boeing Everett when brand new and it was semi stored there also on the ramp.
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Data Aeronave Origem Destino Partida Chegada Duração
9 de Mai de 2021 B773Int'l de São Francisco ()Int'l Indira Gandhi () 10:40 PDT 14:45 IST (+1) Programado
9 de Mai de 2021 B77WInt'l Indira Gandhi ()Int'l de São Francisco () 04:02 IST 07:00 PDT Em vôo
5 de Mai de 2021 B77WInt'l John F. Kennedy ()Int'l Indira Gandhi () 14:23 EDT 13:30 IST (+1) 13:37
3 de Mai de 2021 B77WInt'l Indira Gandhi ()Int'l John F. Kennedy () 11:35 IST 16:12 EDT 14:06
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