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Boeing 767-300 (N804MS)

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The Las Vegas Sands Corporation's N804MS, a B763, is caught here as it is turning toward the south end of the Atlantic Aviation ramp where it would be parked for an overnight stay.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
An absolutely gorgeous looking heavybird.
Uwe Zinke
perfect Gary!!!
C.W. Reed
I agree with Uwe!!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hey, Uwe and C.W. >>> Howdy, guys. I'm just back from the week-long photo trip around NV and northern CA and I get a couple days rest before leaving again this Thursday for another week-long road trip thru central and southern Cal. First stop this Thursday will be SUU and then on to SJC. Will also be visiting NAS Lemoore, Paso Robles, LAX, Palm Springs, and the Jedi Transition (Panamint). Getting back here just in time for a week-long shoot at the PRS and after that another full day at a military base. I'm home (FINALLY) on June 13th. Exhausting --- but AWESOME!! (Wave)
C.W. Reed
Hi Gary!
Wow! I know you have a lot of stops already, but a side trip to KFAT (on the way to Lemoore) and maybe KCMA might be good spotting locations if you can work them in. I'm very impressed as is though! Hoosier Cheers!!
Up close on this Boeing a/c, Gary!!! Thanks for sharing it with us... :-)
Another superb foto Gary!
Tom Vance
Frick........................... ( )(&*&(^%#$%^&()_*(*&^$%*^(&)*) :) pure green envy....
Spencer Hoefer
Not a lot of FBO's out there that can handle this beast I assume.


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