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Lockheed L-1011 TriStar (CS-TMP) - March, 2008
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Lockheed L-1011 TriStar (CS-TMP)

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March, 2008


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Great airplane. Always enjoyed flying on one. Smooth.
Alvie Beck
I'm quite partial to this airframe. Was stationed in ROK for a year and made 3 Pacific crossings via Delta between Kimpo and Portland. Wide-body for comfort, seems like the flight attendants were always bringing food and a smooth and quite ride. So yeah. I have to say the Tristar is my favorite passenger plane. The 747 has it's advantages and I haven't had the privilege of a 380 yet.

Wish the L1011 was still flying.
What an aircraft. I always had seat 13A on Delta so I could hear those RB211's wail.
Thanks for the momories.
Michael Glumack
This is the very first aircraft that I ever flew on! I absolutely love this plane; the motors do wail like nobody’s business! This is one of my favorite airplanes of all time!
Rob Lamb
Delta, LAX to Atlanta, many, many, many times. Quiet, comfortable. Loved it.
Karl Jackson
I got to fly on a Delta L-1011 back in the mid-70's. I was maybe 5 or 6 at the time, it felt like the coolest thing I ever got to do. The plane was pretty empty - I remember I could sit almost anywhere I wanted, and there were lots of empty seats in the middle. The crew was super nice. Now here's the part I don't know if I remember right - we were flying from New Orleans to Little Rock and we made a stop in the middle in Shreveport - can that be right?
William Owens
Sad they are outclassed... A really cool machine.
I flew the tristar as a F/O-N10112 and N10114-at Aeroperu from 1978 to 1980. Originally from PSA, the front cargo compartment was modified as a lounge bar that could be accessed from the passenger cabin. I remember my flight instructors at Palmdale Cap. Bill Smith and Jim Edwads.
Paul G. Reifers
Flew a couple of times during the 80ties with LTU L1011 from Düsseldorf to Miami with a refill-stop in Bangor BGR.
LTU used the Tristar regular for medium-haul flights. The refill to Miami was essential.
Terry Watkins
My Dad worked on the L1011 project and we got to watch the very first flight of the TriStar. I think it was out of Palmdale.
Kam Bahrami
The internet sometimes just breaks my heart: "Preserved Aqaba, Jordan 26 Aug 2019 sunk into the Red Sea as a diving site for scuba divers at King Abdullah Reef dive site".

I miss this aircraft so much.
Leander Williams
Not many people remember that PSA had 2 widebodies. One from LAX to SFO and the other from SFO to LAX. A lot of people wondered why widebodies on a one-hour flight, but there was always enough PAX to support it.
William Barker
I taught the L-1011 avionic systems to our airline customers at the Lockheed factory school at our Palmdale training facility. The L-1011 was among my favorite Lockheed aircraft programs to work on. Along with the SR-71 and P-3 Orion programs. Great birds, every one of them.
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