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Tomer Ariav
Looks like old design with new technology
Gordon Shenkle
Like it but notice 2 things... 1) his prop sync is off, and 2) wonder how they waterproof those gear doors on the pontoons.
Kenneth Acorn
What a beautiful machine! Does anyone know what it is?
jim gevay
It's a Dornier Do-24ATT, obviously restored and re-engined with turbo-props.
Here's a couple of videos,
Michael Ficarelli
Is this like an albatross
jim gevay
NO, it's not.
Ron Desroches
This is the first thing my web browser said I "might" like looking at today. Holy Crow! the darn thing finally got one right. A Dornier tri-motor. for real? I didn't know any were still in one piece, let alone flying. and turboprops no less? orks for me. FABULOUS PICTURE! RPC2403! Thanks you. and thanks little browser. Bravo Zulu. Ya got one right ! :)
Yes, it's a DO124. I believe it's owned by Iren Dornier the grandson of Claude Dornier, My wife and son flew in it about 6 years ago out of STS, Went on a photo flight around the Golden Gate Bridge. Then landed on Lake Berryessa. It sounded like we were on a gravel road---really noisy. The back to STS at sunset---son and I sat in the observation bubble and watched all over the wing. The plane has water-tight bulkheads like a boat with high step doors that dog closed. A very cool experience.DR
Martin Kuetzing
Gordon Shenkle - There are NO seals on the gear doors. In a photo such as ""; you'll see a red line on the fuselage, which represents the water line which is mostly below the door openings. On takeoff, any water that's gotten it will simply drain out.
Adrian C
It's a baby Do X
sam kuminecz
according to

Production began in 1979 and was completed in 1983, the Do ATT was fitted with an advanced technology wing cut from a single piece of aluminum spar to simplify production efforts with improved PT6A-45Bs. It took to the skies on April 25, 1983 and was later retired to the Deutsches Museum in Germany.

Iren Dornier, grandson of Claude Dornier, then removed the aircraft from the museum and brought it to the Philippines in 2003. It was retrofitted and restored in good working condition. It also underwent a series of rigorous test flights both on land and water and has received its airworthiness from the Philippine Aviation Authority (ATO).
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